Mock: Realism v Hope

For each Jags pick in the draft i pick one realistic and one hopeful pick that we could potentially draft,

1 (2)

Realistic: Geno Smith, QB, West Virgina

I dont care what the experts say, from the tape ive seen, awesome pocket aweareness, fanatic touch on long passes and good (but not yet great) accuracy. Bottom line - Franchise QB

Hopeful: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston

Ok so obviously not actully in this draft, this is more of a hope that Geno will turn out like him, i picked Ryan as his draft class and pre-draft hype (or lack of) was similar to Geno's

2 (33)

Realistic: Jamie Collins, DE/OLB, Southern Miss

Watch this space, he was on a dreadful team and still got 10 sacks, great size for a LEO as well as his listed positions. He is my tip to be a suprise 'higher than expected' pick for someone. I dont think hes avalible at the top of the 3rd.

Hopeful: Trade to Bengals for picks 55, 86 and 117, Still Select Jamie Collins at 55, pick up Eric Reed, S, LSU at 86 and Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina with 117

Still get Collins, starting quality safety in the 3rd and as its 'kind of a free pick' in the 4th take a chance of Marcus Lattimore's obvious quality, even if its not a need.


Realistic: Justin Poyer, CB, Oregon

A big corner with a habit of interceptions. Bradley can do wonder with this sort of talent. 1 x Corner starter - Sorted.

Hopeful: Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Big, quick and covered in muscle! If, and its a big if hes still avalible here at 64, then he can be our starting right tackle.

4 (98)

Realistic: David Quessenberry, OL, San Joes State

Nice pick up in the 4th, can play anywhere on the offensive line, let him come in and compete, if hes good enough to play RT, then great, if not im sure he can make starting guard quality

Hopeful: Logan Ryan, CB, Rugters

At 6'0 and 19oIlbs hes certainly big enough to play in the Bradley scheme. Hes a good if not spectacular player who would compete for a starting spot. 4 Interceptions last year, hopefully he can be a bit of a ball hawk like Cox.

5 (135)

Realistic: Robert Lester, S, Alabama

From Alabama so knows how to work the right way. Can compete to start and thats an achivment for any 5th rounder. Also the realisitic mock hasnt got a safety so far so he could be very useful for us.

Hopeful: Brian Schwenke, C, California

Can play guard and challenge Meester for the center spot. Could be a future starter at center.

6 (170)

Realistic: Cooper Taylor, SS, Richmond

Second safety on the bounce, and this ones big, 6'4, 229 pounds big. Would be a good project and could eventualy cause big trouble to TE and slot recivers playing in Bradleys almost a lineback safety role.

Hopeful: Brandon Magee, OLB, Arizona What! this isnt hopeful.... well i think he will be gone a little before this but could possibly slip to the top of the 6th. A small OLB could add needed depth and even play a little bit of LEO.

7 (208)

Realistic: Probably someone we will release next year

Hopeful: Any sort of contributor

So there you have it. Realism and optomism. Heres a recap for you;


1(2) Geno Smith, QB

2(33) Jamie Collins, OLB

3(64) Justin Poyer, CB

4(98) David Quessenberry, OL

5(135) Robert Lester, S

6(170) Cooper Taylor, S

7(208) Most likely dosent matter.


1(2) For Geno Smith to be like Matt Ryan, QB's

2(55) Jamie Collins, OLB

3(64) Terron Armstead, OT

3(86) Eric Reed, S

4(98) Logan Ryan, CB

4(117) Marcus Lattimore, RB

5(135) Brian Schwenke, C

6(170) Brandon Magee, OLB

7(208) Any contributor

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