1996 Jaguars Draft: A Whay If?

Jawsaints and I have decided to do these together. If you recall from his post, you will remember that one pass in the Playoffs against the Patriots could have made us a dynasty if it was caught. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Today, I'm going to look at how the 1996 NFL Draft could have changed everything.

Here is the Jaguars 1996 NFL Draft: (Pro Bowlers are in Bold and Italics.)

Round 1: 2nd Overall Pick:

Kevin Hardy, LB, Illinois

Round 2: 33rd Overall Pick:

Tony Brachens, DE, Texas

Round 2, 60th Overall Pick:

Micheal Cheever, C, Georgia Tech

Round 3: 63rd Overall Pick:

Aaron Beasley, CB, West Virginia

Round 4: 110th Overall Pick:

Reggie Barlow, WR, Alabama State

Round 5: 146th Overall Pick:

Jimmy Herndon, G, Houston

Round 6: 170th Overall Pick:

John Fisher, DB, Missouri Western

Round 6: 185th Overall Pick:

Chris Doering, WR, Florida

Round 7: 227th Overall Pick:

Clarence Jones, WR, Tennessee State

As you can see, the first two picks turned out to be Pro Bowlers, but the rest of the rookies never became Pro bowlers.

Here is the scores in the 1996 season:

Regular Season (Victories are in BOLD)

Week 1: Steelers @ Jaguars

Score: 24-9 Jags

Week 2: Oilers @ Jaguars

Score: 34-27 Oilers

Week 3: Jaguars @ Raiders

Score: 17-3 Raiders

Week 4: Jaguars @ Patriots

Score: 28-25 Patriots

Week 5: Panthers @ Jaguars

Score: 24-14 Jags

Week 6: Jaguars @ Saints

Score: 17-13 Saints

Week 7: Jets @ Jaguars

Score: 21-17 Jags

Week 8: Jaguars @ Rams

Score: 17-14 Rams

Week 9: Jaguars @ Bengals

Score: 28-21 Bengals

Week 10: Bye

Week 11: Ravens @ Jaguars

Score: 30-27 Jags

Week 12: Jaguars @ Steelers

Score: 28-3 Steelers

Week 13: Jaguars @ Ravens

Score: 28-25 Jags

Week 14: Bengals @ Jaguars

Score: 30-27 Jags

Week 15: Jaguars @ Oilers

Score: 23-17 Jags

Week 16: Seahawks @ Jaguars

Score: 20-13 Jags

Week 17: Falcons @ Jaguars

Score: 19-17 Jags

As you can see, we only had 3 wins before our week 10 bye, but we had 6 wins after the bye, which included a five game win streak starting in week 13. We finished the regular season with a record of 9-7, not bad for a team in only it's second year of existence.

1996 Playoffs

Wild Card round: Jaguars @ Bills

Score: 30-27 Jags

Divisional Round: Jaguars @ Broncos (Denver newspapers got our name wrong, calling us the Jacksonville Jagwads)

Score: 30-27 Jags (Brunnell out "Elwayed" Elway, Jags out "Broncoed" the Broncos)

AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots (Sawsaints talked about this game in his "What if?")

Score: 28-6 Patriots

We could have won a Super Bowl, and could have started a dynasty, but unfortunately, we didn't.

Fast Forward to 1997.

1997 NFL Draft: (Pro Bowlers will be in BOLD and Italics)

Round 1: 21st Overall Pick:

Renaldo Wynn, DT, Notre Dame

Round 2: 50th Overall Pick:

Mike Logan: CB, West Virginia

Round 3: 79th Overall Pick:

James Hamilton: LB, North Carolina

Round 4: 114th Overall Pick:

Seth Payne: DT, Cornell

Round 5: 147th Overall Pick:

Damon Jones: TE, Southern Illinois

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