Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Saturday Results! (Early Games: 1:30 - 5:00)


The results are in!

Jaguars Fan Bracket - Round 2

Yes, I realize some of these results have happened in the future. Well, since these games are being played in my head, I was able to see into the future.

Think I got it wrong?

Let me know here or via twitter before your "game time." You never know...


@JagsandRedsfan (10) vs. @MoviePaul (7)

This one was exciting from the start.

@MoviePaul won big points with me earlier this year by defending one of my tongue-in-cheek posts when Pete Prisco called it "idiotic." That helped him secure the nice #7 seed. Plus he talks Jaguars AND movies -- two of my favorite things. Also, I really like his confidence here:

However, on the other side of this matchup, I really like @JagsandRedsfan's taste here:

Plus, she went on a road trip to see the Jags this year and she picked BUFFALO! Buffalo? Out of the 8 games available, she picks Buffalo. That's so hardcore.




@NettlingJeanne (6) vs. @dtbubbafresh (11)

@NettlingJeanne started, helping her earn a 6 seed in the bracket. She's loud in the stands (we sit in the same section) and I like how she immediately started trash-talking the #1 seed in her division:

On the other side, @dtbubbafresh seems to be a fellow Jags shield aficionado, and seems to be stuck with an old Pot Roast jersey. As somebody with several out-of-date jerseys I feel a kinship with him. The fact that the Jaxson hat is covering his face is something I can identify with, as well




@Kevin_Hine (8) vs. @DownerJagFan (9)

Yeah, I know this is my own game, but this is how I see it:

@Kevin_Hine is on point with what's going on with the Jags. If I've been out of the loop awhile, I can check his TL for real info on the team and players, including draft prospects. Plus, he's always down for a little Taylor Swift talk. His analysis is spot on:

I have contributed "Downer alert!" and "Not a downer!" to Jaguars discussions, but nobody recognizes me in public because my twitter persona wears a bag on his head. Let's face it, I'm a little much, sometimes. My claim to fame? Tony Khan once thanked me for saying he wasn't a downer:




@AdamBCC (8) vs. @HBJaguar (9)

A tough matchup between two great twitter accounts.

@AdamBCC is reppin' the Jaguars and running BCC out West... impressive. I also like that he speaks his mind & isn't afraid to buck a trend:

On the other side, we've got @HBJaguar, Bold City Brigade member. Love how he mixes it up with @JasonGoch on the Tebow issue. I also like how he isn't easily impressed:

Tough one, but it's a last-second finish:




@mandy6488 (5) vs. @Woz75 (12)

Two intense fans here:

I love how @mandy6488 has no filter on her Jaguars love, Blaine love, or anything else, really. She out there on the Twitter streets spittin' truth.

I love how @Woz75 is such a diehard fan he has black and teal combine shorts. He's spreading Jaguars love on his TL:

Tough to call but @mandy6488's Game Day tweet was too intriguing to pass up:

We may have to see how that plays out. Her commitment to achieving Teal Glory is obvious.




@UncleChaps (2) vs. @BJammin84 (15)

@UncleChaps is constantly unleashing new hashtags, buzzwords, and commentary. Some people love him, others turn away. He nailed down the 2-seed with his irrepressible style & then totally blew us away when the tournament started, dropping the mic as he walked out of the bracket:

@BJammin84 worked his way into the bracket as a 15-seed with Jaguars passion. I like how he loves the team but is willing to post an image of a dumpster fire as his profile background image. He also has varied interests & isn't afraid to scream his excitement from the mountaintop:

Gotta respect the #powermove and go along with it here:




@jagus61 (6) vs. @JaguarsBlog (11)

@jagus got his #6 seed the old-fashioned way: He RTs me alot. I like it. He obviously has good taste, wearing the Jaxson hat in his profile pic. Plus I like his general world-view:

@JaguarsBlog is out there in Cali pouring his heart into a 2 - 14 team thousands of miles away. Gotta respect that. I also love that like me, of the two accounts he runs, the one without his face on it has more followers:

This one had me staring at the screen for awhile.

Update: Challenge flag thrown:




@GuysGirl (2) vs. @mikepeaden (15)

@GuysGirl loves the Jags, but she also loved my Gandalf Christmas ornament this year. I like how she tweets about everything she loves and posts of her Jaguars nail polish and Jaguars socks. Bottom line: Gotta respect the commitment to her interests and ability to see the "best of both worlds" ...with he dual screen monitors:

@mikepeaden clearly deserves a higher seeding than a 15 but he was one of the last players I added. I feel like I owe him something. I mean, he's on #TeamBeard, he's got him own Jaguars-dedicated blog and he's in touch with his inner child -- all things I like:

Tough game for a 2 - 15 matchup. Honestly, I'm a little scared of arousing @GuysGirl's ferocity so ...



Note: The 5:30 - 9:00 games will be posted around 5:30-ish tonight.

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