2013 Jaguars Mock Draft 2.0

Hey guys I'm at work and doing this on my phone off the top of my head.

1(2). Geno Smith, Quarterback, West Virginia: It's either Dion Jordan or Geno Smith here. I love Dion Jordan and his versatility, but as its been argued here, a franchise quarterback presents more value than a pass rusher. Geno Smith will come in and compete with Gabbert for te starting job, who knows Gabbert might win.

2(33). Jonathan Banks, Cornerback, Mississippi State: Banks is arguably the second best corner in this draft, he'll likely slide here due to his slow 40 yard dash. His value here beats the value of any pass rusher an fills a bigger hole a corner.

3(64). Sio Moore, Linebacker, Conneticut: Moore is an athletic freak. He can come in and compete for the starting weakside linebacker position on day 1

4(95). Sanders Commings, Cornerback, Georgia: Commings is a classic safety/cornerback tweeter that Bradley likes. The jags reportedly like him a lot as he's a good press corner and fits their system.

5(128). Cooper Taylor, Strong Safety, Richmond: Taylor is a perfect for the Kam Chancellor "bandit safety" role in this defense. He's huge and very athletic. His pro day makes him looks like a receiver.

6(159). Zac Stacy, Runningback, Vanderbilt: Stacy is a short powerful back with excellent vision, with solid blocking he can be a pretty productive running back. With Maurice departing next season, we're going to need somebody to hand the reins to. Forsett and Stacy should be a decent tandem.

7(192). Ace Sanders, Wide Reciever, South Carolina: Sanders is a short and very quick inside receiver and good return man. He can come in immediately and start on special teams, while also playing as a 4th receiver. He'd be used primarily on screens and short yardage that he can use his quickness and elusiveness to pick up more YAC.

No LEO? In every round better value at another position presented itself. Quarterback in round 1. Banks and Moore are steals. Etc. it doesn't matter because Babin fits the LEO perfectly, it's practically the same position he played in Philly when he racked up double digit sacks. I think with a little more developing Andre Branch will be a good LEO. We also have John Chick who can also play the LEO. I picture the d-line on downs 1 and 2 to be Babin at the LEO, Miller at the 1-tech, Mosley at the 3-tech, and Alualu at the 5-tech. Then on 3rd down, Babin at the LEO, Mosley stays inside, and Alualu slides inside. Then another LEO, probably Branch outside. That's the maximum pass rush on 3rd down from this line.

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