Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Saturday Results! (Late Games: 7:00 - 9:00)



@timmillah (1) vs. @JayMDay (16)

@timmillah vaulted to the top seed in this division by contributing the #KhanTracker during the Jaguars' GM search in January. Tracking those flights was so fascinating, it seemed everybody was tracking all three of Khan's planes. Also, I felt like putting him up here due to the fact that @timmillah questioned my integrity when the idea was being formed.

@JayMDay worked his way into the 16-seed after a close race in his play-in game. He's sporting a Jaguars shield avi which always helps. I'm also impressed by his ability to stand up to his wife on the important issues.

This is the craziest finish we've seen so far in the Jaguars fan Bracket. In an amazing display of Teal brotherhood, @timmilah offered his highly-coveted #1 seed to when he thought that he had been overlooked for the bracket.

Just like Harry Potter's mom jumping in front of Lord Voldemort's killing curse, he sacrificed himself and amazingly someone else survived. (Nerd Alert!)

In a shocking twist...




@JAGDrummer (5) vs. @YepItsLauren (12)

I met @JAGDrummer at the first @BoldCityBrigade event I attended, which was at Green Room. His Jaguars passion was obvious. This helped him earn a 5-seed. He was a great guy and fun to hang with. You can tell he's a stand-up guy with tweets like this:

On the other hand, I've never met @YepItsLauren but @ThatguyEdub nominated her and that was good enough for a 12-seed. However, I quickly learned that if I was looking for fireworks in this matchup I was going to be disappointed.

This was going to be tough...until I looked at @YepItsLauren's bio and realized how much we have in common!

"Enjoy the Little Things" (I'm only 5'6"!) • Movie Nut (Same here) • Runner (Me. too!) •UNF Alum (Swoop! Class of '93!) • TexMex Aficionado (Check!) • GO JAGUARS (Obviously!)




@ThatguyEdub (3) vs. @Carney_go_time (14)

I've met @ThatguyEdub several times and he's an awesome guy. But the most memorable time was at a Bold City Brigade tailgate when he gave me some of his chilli. Let's just say that certainly helped him earn that 3-seed. His Teal passion is obvious and he likes to keep it positive.

First of all, I really dig @Carney_go_time's twitter handle. It;s got style. Second, he is a dedicated Jaguars Fan from New York that sends me great "downer" material. It takes real skill to take an ostensibly positive tweet like this one, and see the "downer" in it:

To be honest, I can't let myself do anything to jeopardize myself getting more of @ThatguyEdub's chilli, again.




@Jpon (4) vs. @Jagman13 (13)

I met @jpon last season during training camp. He was watching intently and live tweeting. He had the kindness not to complain as my daughter was running up and down the bleachers loudly talking about Jaxson DeVille while he was trying to pay attention. I appreciate his Jags passion and his acceptance of "Dad Life."

To be honest, I seeded @Jagman13 at 13 because of his handle. As an Original Season Ticket Holder, clearly he's undervalued here. Having the tickets, driving from Orlando is hardcore.

This is way more difficult than I ever thought a #4 - #13 contest would be...


@Jpon wins with a buzzer-beater with his "Black & Teal Legends: Top 25 Jaguars Series" I liked reading so much last year.




@JAGvangelist (3) vs. @dripdropfaucett (14)

How does @JAGvangelist sandwich only 2 Jaguars wins between two trips to NYC for the NFL draft, reppin' the Jags and only get a 3-seed? Undervalued? Maybe. I'm surprised he didn't tell me to "Sit Down!" I like that @JAGvangelist knows what a good time is:

On the other side, @dripdropfaucett (another great twitter handle) is a die-hard as well. He'll mix it up with the @JasonGoch's of the world. He doesn't have time for anybody that wants to disrespect the city or our team.

Tough call but anybody that routinely rides the Jacksonville media for sucking the way CAP does needs to advance.



Jaguars Bracket Updated 3-23

The "Right Side" of the Bracket to come tomorrow!!!

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