Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Sunday Results! (Early Games: 1:30 - 5:00)


The Results are in!

Jaguars Bracket Updated 3-23

The second day of round two has begun. Once again, all of these games are being played in my imagination so it's okay that these times are in the future.

If you think there's been a mistake, let me know before your scheduled "Game Time."

You never know....right, ?


@NephewJonathon (7) vs. @JaxBoz (10)

Why did get a 7-seed? How many other twitter accounts have changed their handle to include "nephew"? That's takes guts and commitment. Anyway, he's in the stadium this year with season tickets and he's fighting through this competition through some serious obstacles.

@JaxBoz just might be crazy, but it's my kind of crazy. He tweets about the Jaguars ALL THE TIME. So much that he's the Jaguars Social League leader. According to his bio he's the founder of the "CAIN Zone aka best long snapper in the NFL" which pretty much proves that he doesn't care what you think.

The 10-seed streak continues...




@bonnieupright (6) vs. @TheCraig5 (11)

@bonnieupright has been a season ticket holder from day one. Can't help but respect that with a decent seed. Is a 6-seed too low for her? Maybe. We're not talking about just a fan that keeps it to herself. She's raiding the next generation of Jaguars fans.

Speaking of the next generation, @TheCraig5 was born about the time @bonnieupright was buying those first tickets. This fan is for real though. Get this: He lives in Pittsburgh and owns a Rashean Mathis jersey. If this was 2005 or 2007, that might be a life-threatening reality in Steeler Country.

The "Shean jersey made this closer than I thought it might be, but @bonnieupright was able to pick me out of a crowd based on the fact that my cell phone looked like a "downer." Frankly, her stalker skills have me a little scared.




@Wiggle_Man (8) vs. @theryanedward (9)

@Wiggle_Man is all-Duval down in Miami. His resume is impressive. He traveled up to Jax for a PRESEASON game. That's intense. I come to those from Arlington and it seems like a chore, sometimes. He coined the hashtag #jagpies (Jaguar fans supporting NUFC) which is flying around Jaguars twitter these days. But I always love it when a guy's Teal passion is so strong he let's it collide with his passionate relationships.

@theryanedward is reppin' the Jaguars from Connecticut. That's right Connecticut. Do you know how hard it is to be a Jaguars fan during a 2 - 14 season in Connecticut. The tax codes are such that they don't offer nearly the amount of beers they do here in Jax. Not just your exotic craft beer selections, but even your fall-back beers like Yeungling aren't there. Plus he made this happen:

Impressed by the hate response he got, I raise my hard-to-find beer to you...




@ac_ec (8) vs. @mjtiscione (9)

@ac_ec loves the Jaguars. He loves beer. He's my kind of guy. He's #DTWD. Don't know what that means? Let's just say if you're a Jaguars fan that's what you should be.

He has a vision of the stadium, "Standing United" and chanting, Bold City Brigade, leading the way. I can't wait.

@mjtiscione is a Jaguars fan in Albany, New York. The only time I've ever been to Albany, I immediately rented a car and drove 4 hours out of town. True story. Anyway, @mjtiscione loves the Jags so much he's willing to do a lot more driving than that.

Close matchup here....

I'm stalling....




@DuffyIndustries (5) vs. @Clintau24 (12)

How did @DuffyIndustries get a 5-seed?

Well, a while ago I was thinking about how much I loved the new Jaguars Shield logo.

Before I knew it, this happened.

And now you see @Duffyindustries like this. Beautiful.

@Clintau24 has had a rough sports year. He's a Jaguars fan AND an Auburn fan. In case you don't remember, both had horrible season last year, both had someone named Gene fired and both hired a new coach named Gus.


Anyway, he's all about the Jags all the time, even in Alabama.

Unfortunately for @Clintau24, the shield deflects all competition here.




@OchoFisho (2) vs. @JaxFoodCritic (15)

@OchoFisho once described my twitter account as like the sad trombone sound from Price is Right...which is exactly what I'm going for here. He's been a fan since his Navy days...

Coincidently, he's out at sea right now...on a cruise. How cool is it to feel so confident in your Teal resume to go on a cruise during the tournament?

@JaxFoodCritic once found me eating at Pele's Wood Fire even though I gave him horrible directions to my table. Impressive. Also, every time I read his tweets, I have a strong desire to eat bacon, a feeling I enjoy. Plus, I love it when he keeps it real:

He's had season tickets for a long time and he's a true Jaguars fan.

Are 2 - 15 matchups supposed to be this hard?

I'm ringing the bell for Joe.




@ohhkristin (6) vs. @JvilleJosh (11)

This is an unconventional matchup.

First of all @ohhkristin didn't know she had been nominated. That's pretty cool. She's such a good Jaguars fan, she doesn't need extra accolades to affirm her Teal Pride. She's a proud member of Bold City Brigade and loves to #bebold. When she found out she was in the tournament she hit me with this.

ill give you Mandy! I've sold her before, she brings top dollar at most bars.

I almost called the game after that, but decided to check out @JvilleJosh's resume. I quickly found out that there was a subplot to this matchup when I saw his new avi.


I feel like he's kind of making fun of the bracket, the seeding, and the fact that he's been blocked.

I like it.

I'm also picking up on a defeatist attitude, no doubt developed after watching the Jaguars in recent years.

In a stunning upset...

Update: A challenge flag was thrown and like a ref fighting a home crowd, I crumbled. Call reversed...




@AlfieBCC (2) vs. @TristanGotEm (15)

Wait, @AlfieBCC is a 2-seed? How is he not a 1-seed?

Did you ask those questions? To be honest, I was hoping @AlfieBCC would complain more about it, because he's at his best when he's arguing his point. He tweets sarcasm so effectively, it proves there's no need for a "sarcasm font." Then he'll come back with clear-cut, no-frills analysis that no one can misinterpret.

Anyway, I said no media.

Yeah, yeah, I know he's not media, he's just a "blogger" but I saw him at training camp with a media pass standing next to @JohnOehser. That's close enough to drop him to a 2-seed.

On the other side of this matchup, we have @TristanGotEm. I like that he's embracing his underdog role by changing his name to "Forida Gulf Coast" It doesn't hurt that he has "Even If He's Released" in his bio. @TristanGotEm is a die-hard Jaguars fan and not afraid to speak truths others aren't ready to say out loud.

Everyone loves an upset...

...but that's not happening today. Anyway, I like how @AlfieBCC lets me contibute to BCC, tweets about beer, has a "Diamond Dave" avi, and writes all the time.



Late results will be posted around 5:30-ish today...

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