Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Sunday Results! (Late Games: 5:30 - 9:00)


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@KevinPeffer (7) vs. @cmjax88 (10)

I met @KevinPeffer at a Bold City Brigade event and he's a great guy. He's a passionate Jaguars fan who has the nerve to sport a half-beard look on his avi. Is he on #TeamBeard or #TeamShave? Some say he should pick a side. I say a good politician never picks sides during a competition. It was a power move. Anyway, he's out here on twitter chanting his Jaguars love.

Plus, he contributed #duvalthings to the twitter world. Big points, there.

I met the underdog in this matchup the same night I met @KevinPeffer. He was real nice said he liked my twitter account which instantly wins him points here. I kind of like that I sometimes have to shield my computer screen from my kids when his tweets show up on my timeline. It's exciting. F-bombs and nude pics fly by, occasionally. I like that he seems aware of his twitter realities.

This one is close...

The 10-seed sweep is complete.




@MadeByTim (1) vs. @Gr3g3 (16)

This bracket started as a joke, but @MadeByTim was enthusiastic about it.

Enthusiasm about my ideas earns a 1-seed. Anyway, @MadeByTim is THE source for visual Jaguars entertainment. From Vito T-shirt mock-ups to Matte black helmet mock-ups @MadeByTim is on point.

@Gr3g3 is an underdog here but he has some game. He made it through the play-in round before he unleashed his full Jaguars fan resume. He's reppin' the Jags up in Rochester, NY which takes some commitment. This guy bleeds teal and actually has a copy of Jack Del Rio's old playbook.

In the end, the 1-seed is too much for the underdog, here.




@MinorThreads (4) vs. @SeanKopitsky (13)

Why did @MinorThreads get a 4-seed? Well, you probably either have a @MinorThreads shirt or you've seen them. We're talking about the creators of the RUN MJD and KHAN YOU DIG IT shirts and many others. The shirts just keep coming and they are fantastic. To make this bid even more deserved, this came yesterday:

@SeanKopitsky is a passionate Jaguars fan up in Pennsylvania. He's got vintage old logo Jaguars wallpaper on his twitter page and supports the team through thick and thin. He's a Homeland Security major which gives me pause here. i don't want him to "Patriot Act" me if he loses.

I'm unfazed by the fear, though...




@FeelTheTeal (1) vs. @fake_JackDelRio (16)

@FeelTheTeal earned his way into the top seed. He is an active Champions Club member who hooks people up with Jags tickets. He's been relocating folks and welcoming new Season Ticket holders into the fold like crazy this offseason. He seems to know everybody and tweets some inside information often. Honestly, hanging out with @FeelTheTeal before the Bears game this past season was a highlight moment at EverBank Field for me this year.

He keeps his Jaguars love and love for this city positive and fun.

@fake_JackDelRio is a true dark horse. He's a play-in 16th seed with a questionable history of jaguars passion. He pulled it out late versus @kaitlynross1 in the play-in with his "1 -playoff win" resume. Will that be enough when facing a 1-seed?

This seems like an easy choice, but every story needs a villain and @FeelTheTeal wins at a lot of things.

Here's your villain..




@ndyWillis (5) vs. @Vincent_Jubito (12)

@ndyWillis is an intense Jaguars fan who shows his passion with all available resources -- including puppets. He's a self-described "Twitter vigilante" and cleverly incorporates the "@" symbol into his twitter handle. He's trying to bring Geno Smith to Jacksonville and is always trying to broaden his horizons.

@Vincent_Jubito single-handedly disproves the theory that you have to choose between Gator tickets and jaguars tickets. He's got both. He's always feeding me great news articles on the Jags and obviously knows how to enjoy sports at home:

In the end, I'm a sucker for puppets...




@JagsTom (3) vs. @DamnItsPham (14)

I met @JagsTom and introduced myself last year. Since then, he's the only guy that has used my real name in tweets, totally blowing my cover. If my wife finds out who DJF really is, I'll be in trouble as much as I make fun of her on twitter. Anyway, @JagsTom is so much of a fan "Jags" is in his handle and he's a regular contributor to BCC's Spanish Language Commentary.

@DamnItsPham has a great handle. It makes me wish I had a name that rhymes with damn. However, he's also an intense Jaguars fan. He's in college supporting the Jags with passion. He may be young, but he's no idealistic, blind fan:

@JagsTom played the sympathy card and it's heart warming.

But the real reason he advances is that I'm hoping for a house Chablis the next time I visit Bennigan's White Wine and Tapas




@caseyayers (4) vs. @JDAVEP2 (13)

I watched @caseyayers stand up at a fan forum and ask Mark Lamping if Khan could send his private planes on a fly-over this year. Solid question, solid fan credentials. His work on London Trip packages warrants heavy consideration, not to mention he made a big decision, at a big time, early in life:

@JDAVEP2 goes by SUPERCAT and I like it. He's DTWD and isn't on twitter for popularity, just for the Jags. He also has the ability to come up with appropriate acronyms for signage on game Day:

@JDAVEP2 put out a VERY impressive resume last night, but I can't get past this freaking shield pic:





@BurritoBrosShit (3) vs. @Prophessional (14)

I don't exactly know why @BurritoBrosShit chose that handle but it speaks to me. I love it when Vito has a twitter conversation with him. I imagine Vito speaking his handle and I like it. @BurritoBrosShit gives an unfiltered opinion on the Jags and life itself.

@Prophessional has a good handle, too. I'm digging most of what's in his bio: UNF grad. Jaguars season ticket holder...Spend way too much time watching movies, playing videogames..." He's sporting a Bold City Brigade sticker on his license plate and his confidence is impressive.

This one comes down to how I still like to pull up BBS's gif of Khan swording Gene and watch it for kicks.



Jaguars Fan Bracket- Revised Sunday

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