Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Monday Results

Moday Results..


@tealtalk (1) vs. @Kevin_Hine (8)

Both of these guys know their stuff. That's how they've made it this far in the bracket.

@Kevin_Hine 's Jaguars draft conversations are on point. He's got me believing in Mingo, Jordan, or Geno. He has daily draft countdown going which I check daily and saves me a trip to the calendar.

@tealtalk continues to be a constant source of Jaguars news, links, and insight. However, skimming the entire MMQB article in search of Jaguars news is an undervalued service to us all.

Tough call but...



@YepItsLauren (12) vs. @AussieJag (4)

Again, there are no easy outs, here.

You've got to respect the fact that @AussieJag is such a big Jaguars fan, that he's apparently sitting in front of the TV in March, tuned into CBS dreaming about Game Day with the Jags.

I'm impressed with @YepitsLauren's Jaguars love and taking our @JAGDrummer in the first round was quite impressive, but making me me old was a crucial misstep.



@dtbubbafresh (11) vs. @JAGvangelist (3)

An outstanding 3 - 11 matchup here.

If there's nothing more important in this bracket than Jaguars passion, but a close second might be contempt for the Jags' division rivals like @dtbubafresh has here.

But it's hard to beat the solid life advice @JAGvangelist lays on us from time to time.



@JagsandRedsfan (10) vs. @GuysGirl (2)

Two of the ladies in the competition face off...

I feel like I sold @JagsandRedsfan short in the first round by only mentioning her trip to Buffalo. She filled me in on her other adventures.

But @GuysGirl's commitment to the team is equally impressive.

This one could have gone wither way...




@DomWorld_Peace (1) vs. @AdamBCC (8)

@DomWorld_Peace wasthe Cinderella story of the previous round, taking @timmillah's spot and advancing. His fan credentials are first-class, and he doesn't have time for lack of allegiance or dedication to the team you love.

I'm still not sure how @AdamBCC was only an 8-seed in this bracket. Clearly, undervalued. He loves sports in general but his focus on the Jaguars is commendable.

It's a tossup.

No really, I flipped a coin...



@mandy6488 (5) vs. @Jpon (4)

5 vs 4 matchups are usually intense and this one is no different.

@mandy6488 is such a fan of the Jags, she's willing to trash talk with anybody that disrespects the team, the players (especially Blaine) or the city. But when it comes to fellow Jaguars fans, it's all about solidarity.

@Jpon is a man who knows how the world works and appreciates the efforts ladies make to reach their goals.

He knows he's got the ladies against him in this matchup and it was never going to be easy.



@jagus61 (6) vs. @ThatguyEdub (3)

This is a "can't-go-wrong" matchup.

Both guys started posting their resumes and they have the goods to prove their Jaguars credentials.

@jagus1 is pictures here with one of my new favorite people. Hearing Coach Bradley speak at the fan forum was a highlight of March for me.

@ThatguyEdub apparently gets photo opportunities often. He's gotten pics with Shad Khan, Coach Bradley, and Keenan.

I'm a sucker for Old School...



@NoleGator10 (10) vs. @BJammin84 (15)

A pair of dark horse candidates square off here.

@NoleGator10's Jaguars love has weathered the rough years. He's been around the block and doesn't look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. He has the stomach to handle the horrors in life.

@BJammin84 has burst into this round with a glass slipper. He's no easy out though. He's got Jaguars pride and and great ideas.

It's just like another Florida Gulf Coast story



Right side of the bracket will continue tomorrow...

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