Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Tuesday Results!

Tuesday Results!


@MadeByTim (1) vs. @theryanedward (9)

@MadeByTim fan credentials are unquestioned. He's the go-to-guy for design info:

Besides that, he's all-class. I mean how many people do you know that use the European spelling for Cream even when it's not necessary?

@theryanedward is pulling out all the stops for cracket purposes and it's impressive. It's like he's just been listening to Gus Bradley and is willing to run through a brick wall or something. The effort is impressive.

I had just about decided this one until I somehow noticed @theryanedward's profile background. Yes, it was one of @MadeByTim's designs: Even If He's Released. It was "Made by Tim" but he did post it on Twitter. @theryanedward was able to grab it and use it...

It was just like reading Hamlet

(Spolier Alert)

Laertes poisons his sword to kill Hamlet, but in the competition both men are disarmed and Hamlet ends up with the lethal weapon. A small wound finishes Laertes off, taken out by his own sword....

Of course, Hamlet dies a few minutes later, too.

Update: Challenge flag was thrown by @Gr3g3. I reviewed the timelines and have to admit I was frightened by what the consequences of my initial decision were.

Let's just say "I'm wise enough to know when a 'GIF' needs givin' ..."



@ndyWillis (5) vs. @MinorThreads (4)

For me, one of the joys of being a Jaguars fan, is hating on other teams and non-Jaguars players.

@ndyWillis made one of my favorite videos of the year so far with this gem:

@MinorThreads can dish it out as well. And to a long-time Jaguars fan, who's more fun to hate than Peyton Manning:

I respect Manning, but a straight-up hate him, too.



@bonnieupright (6) vs. @BurritoBrosShit (3)

@bonnieupright is a long-time fan with unbeatable stories. They just keep rolling in. I'm not talking about "I remember sitting in the stands..." stories, or "I was watching the game at home..." stories. I'm talking about this:

Pure gold.

@BurritoBrosShit has the best view I've ever seen toward most of the national media. Basically, they don't know what they're talking about half the time. There was talk yesterday that Geno Smith was being "forced up draft boards"...

This one comes down to this: I just want to hear more stories from @bonnieupright so I'm keeping her in.



@JaxBoz (10) vs. @AlfieBCC (2)

What was I thinking giving @JaxBoz a 10-seed? This guy isn't the leader in points in the Jaguars Social League by accident. He's a competitor. He tweets and retweets the Roar, Jaxson, and the Jaguars accounts constantly. He's all Jaguars, all the time.

@AlfieBCC knows this, too...




@fake_JackDelRio (16) vs. @mjtiscione (9)

The support for @fake_JackDelRio is incredible. A play-in he's put everything on the line in this contest.

@mjtiscione is another fan whose Jaguars love thrives on other teams' shortcomings:

I kind of fantasized about being able to personally fire Del Rio in 2011...



@DuffyIndustries (5) vs. @caseyayers(4)


I've got nothing but respect for guys that represent the shield.

They obviously respect each other as well. Here's @DuffyIndustries on the subject:

@caseyayers tweets a little about everything that's interesting. When it's Jaguars-related, it's to the point and usually right. We'll see about this one, but the idea is gaining traction with the national media...

I don't want to knock out either of these guys, but I'm enjoying looking through @DuffyIndustries pics...



@ohhkristin (6) vs. @JagsTom (3)

@ohhkristin made it through the last round on the strength of a challenge flag that was upheld. She deserved it. A founder of Bold City Brigade, Bang Bang Shrimp aficionado , and always ready to give advice to dudes who need it :

dudes, please don't hang metal balls from the back of yours.

What else can I say about @JagsTom? What isn't he good at? His bio reminds us that he "Made my millions from the Hut" and he's got other irons in the fire. Even so, he's an "everyman" always willing to admit his limitations.

I feel good about this decision because the winner deserves the victory...

(and I don't have to hear from @mandy6488 about it)



@cmjax88 (10) vs. @OchoFisho (2)

These guys are both unquestionably worthy of advancing. They've both offered tantalizing reasons to keep them in the competition:

I want to feel safe about checking my DMs, again.



Sweet 16 results for Mid-west & West brackets revealed tomorrow!

@tealktalk (1) vs. @AussieJag (4)

@JAGvangelist (3) vs. @GuysGirl (2)

@AdamBCC (8) vs. @mandy6488 (5)

@ThatGuyEdub (3) vs. @BJammin84 (15)

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