Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Wednesday Results! (Sweet Sixteen)

Wednesday Results


@tealtalk (1) vs. @AussieJag (4)

This sweet sixteen match-up was intense.

@tealtalk's fount of Jaguars information is never-ending. It's like a consolidated source of points of interest to Jags fans. It's not just information he provides, though. He's wiling to mix it up with anybody that disrespects the team or provides wrong opinions.

@AussieJag specializes in passion. How many times a day does he tweet a "Go Jaguars'? The videos he's been producing of players like Fred Taylor and Cecil Shorts are fantastic. He's like an Australian Gus Bradley pumping up the fan base. How many Jaguars fans have spent today in Jaguars gear, in their Jaguars room?

The was so close I had to search for a tiebreaker.

That was can't miss information.



@JAGvangelist (3) vs. @GuysGirl (2)

These opponents have respect for each other and all Jaguars fans, which made this match-up both fun and difficult to judge.

@JAGvangelist is seen here sporting his Bold City Brigade Sticker during the ESPN broadcast of the NFL Draft. Hard to beat.

@GuysGirl continues to amaze with her collection of Jaguars clothes and accessories. I'm kind of scared my wife will see this and decide she needs to buy more shoes now.

I couldn't decide who to advance until I saw this tweet.

Clearly, when I included @JAGvangelist it was putting a pro in what was intended to be an amateur bracket.

Professionals don't advance.



@AdamBCC (8) vs. @mandy6488 (5)

I knew I couldn't go wrong picking a winner from this match-up, @AdamBcc has been the "Best from the West" and @mandy6488 has been scratching her way through tough match-ups on her path to the sweet sixteen.

Both provide quality on their twitter timelines and deserve much respect. For me it came down to today's Greg Jones news. He signed with the Texans today and it was all class from @AdamBCC:

@mandy6488 took a different route:

When it comes to the Texans, I prefer less class.

(The tweet I really wanted to post from @mandy6488 was R-rated so I chose the one above instead)



@ThatguyEdub (3) vs. @BJammin84 (15)

For a 15-seed @BJammin84 has been impressive. Taking out @UncleChaps and @NoleGator10 to get to the sweet sixteen.

He has some impressive "downer" seeking skills as well:

@ThatguyEdub earned his spot in the sixteen with great chilli and awesome photos. But today he showed the ability to merge my love for the Jaguars with my love for 70s sitcoms and my hate for the Texans, all in one tweet:

The Cinderella run ends...



More sweet sixteen results tomorrow!

@MadeByTim (1) vs. @MinorThreads (4)

@bonnieupright (6) vs. @JaxBoz (10)

@mjtiscione (9) vs. @DuffyIndustries (5)

@ohhkristin (6) vs. @OchoFisho (2)

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