One More Jags 2013 Mock Draft

Hey y'all. Seeing the prospects that we are interested in and the recent Scouting reports on QBs (thank you Alfie, I've made a few changes to this mock from my last one partially from your scouting reports. I'd like to suggest that you write some about D-Lineman and CB/Ss, especially if you can come up with a system to grade them, which the one you use for QBs is a good start for other positions, but things would have to change criteria wise.) Any ways, getting back on track here......

Here's my latest version of my mock drafts:

Trade: Yes..... I still think that a trade may happen. And yes, I'm going to stick to the possibility of the Arizona Cardinals trading up for Geno Smith. Yes, I can see why some of you will say:

Why would we trade down when we need a QB and could have our franchise QB in Geno Smith?

graWell, my response to this is: Extra picks. We trade back a few spaces, grab extra picks, build the roster, like draft players to fill needs on defense and add some more fire power to the offense, then draft a QB in the later rounds, fifth round would be a good place to start, because you MIGHT just find a late round gem, it's rare, but anything is possible, and, if nothing else, we'd have an adequate backup, one who is at least better than Henne.

Any ways.... Getting back on track...... again.........

Arizona Cardinals trade their 1st round (7th Overall Pick), 2nd round (385t Overall Pick), and 3rd round (70th Overall Pick) for Jags #2 Overall.

Round 1: 7th Overall Pick:

Dion Jordan: DE/LB/(LEO/JÄGER), Oregon

Round 2: 33rd Overall Pick:

Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

Round 2: 38th Overall Pick:

Darius Slay: CB, Mississippi State

Round 3: 65th Overall Pick:

Ryan Swope: WR, Texas A&M

Round 3: 70th Overall Pick:

T.J. McDonald: S, Southern California

Round 4: 97th Overall Pick:

Travis Kelce: TE, Cincinnati

Round 5: 130th Overall Pick:

Zac Dysert: QB, Miami (OH)

Round 6: 163rd Overall Pick:

Tommy Bohanon: FB, Wake Forest

Round 7: 192nd Overall Pick:

Rodney Smith: WR, Florida State

Key UDFAs:

Brad Sorenson, QB, Southern Utah

James Vandenberg, QB, Iowa

Robbie Rouse, RB, Fresno State

Rodger Gaines, OT, Tennessee State

ormoregie Uzzi, OG, Georgia Tech

Tyone Goard, WR, Eastern Kentucky

Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA

Joe Kruger, DE, Utah

Travis Long, OLB, Washington State

Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond

Kieth McGill, CB, Utah

Let me know what y'all think!

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