Why the Jaguars should draft Geno Smith

Now I'm no expert at football analysis or anything like that, but I decided to take on a little bit of a task and evaluate the stats of the 2 quarterbacks on our roster and Geno Smith. To evaluate the stats of Geno Smith for his entire season would be ridiculous and everything would point in his direction as being the best way to go for the Jaguars. Having said that, I decided to just look at his stats in the 6 games in which West Virginia lost as this is where the critics have said that he played at his worst. It is my belief that the worst games he played are equivalent to the play of the Jaguars quarterbacks throughout the year. The stats for Geno Smith is his losing efforts are as follows:

158 of 359 for 1566 yards, 13 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Which is a per game average of 26.33 completions on 43.17 attempts for 261 yards, 2.17 touchdowns and .83 interceptions.

These stats, though not the greatest, do not tell the story of a quarterback who struggled so hard at the end of the season in losing efforts. Especially when you consider that Geno never really had it easy in games that he won either. The rankings don't lie when it comes to show this fact. West Virginia was ranked 9th in the nation in points scored and 10th overall in passing yards, but ranked 117th in the nation in points allowed. Geno always had the game on his shoulders and was made to win the game mostly with the use of his arm.

How do Geno's stats compare to that of Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne? To decide this I used only the games that each quarterback had a substantial amount of playing time. Therefore Blaine played in 10 games last year but left early in both the Oakland game and the second game against the Texans. And Henne also played in 10 games last year but only played in a mop up role against Houston the first time the teams met. The Stats for both quarterback for the season, minus there non-substantial play goes as follows:

Blaine Gabbert

152 completions on 264 attempts for 1528 yards, 8 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Which is a per game average of 19 completions on 33 attempts for 191 yards, 1 touchdown and .75 interceptions.

Chad Henne

164 completions on 306 attempts for 2061 yards, 11 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Which is a per game average of 18.22 completions on 34 attempts for 229 yards, 1.22 touchdowns and 1.22 interceptions.

What does all this mean? To me it seems pretty simple, Geno's stats on his worst day are better than that of Chad and Blaine any day. Maybe he isn't Andrew Luck or RG3, but he is definitely better than what we currently have on our roster. Yes his completion percentage is lower than Gabbert and Henne in these games, but what else do you expect when you end up losing these games by an average of 20.7 points per game. When you are down three touchdowns you have to throw and throw a lot to try to get back into the game. What impresses me is that considering he had to throw the ball so much in these games he only averaged .83 interceptions a game, which means for the most part he was making good decisions and not trying to force the ball into too many tight spaces.

It is for these reasons that I say the Jaguars should pull the trigger on Smith and make him our guy, build the team around him and his strengths and begin the path in the right direction. It is my belief that having him and a few other pieces on the offensive line added this off-season, this offense will advance by leaps and bounds over the past two years. Will it make us a playoff team, maybe not, but we will be competitive and headed in the right direction. You never know, maybe he can be this years Russel Wilson type player and come out and show everyone else in the league and media that their analysis of him was wrong. This is what I believe will happen and better it happen to our benefit than any other team in the league.

I know this was pretty long winded, but it is my take on the entire situation. This is what I'd love for the Jags to do, but I will be happy no matter what they choose to do on draft day. As always GO JAGS!!!!

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