Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket - Elite Eight


@tealtalk (1) vs. @GuysGirl (2)

The only 1 - 2 match-up left in the elite eight features two first-rate fans.

@tealtalk provides cutting edge advice on how to use the newest social media advances to advance Jaguars love.

...and he's always ready to challenge questionable statements.

@GuysGirl has her share of good advice, too.

and she keeps it real for everyone "with a feminine flair."

I don't really want to eliminate anybody at this point, but that NFL Female Fan series is impressive, well-researched writing.




@mandy6488 (5) vs. @ThatguyEdub (3)

At first i thought this match-up might be boring because these two contestants like each other.

Then I found out that I was mistaken.

In the end, I had to make a decision, and this helped:




@MadeByTim (1) vs. @bonnieupright (6)

Two original season ticket holders. Two die-hard Jaguars fans.

They're both kind of a big deal. My guess is that they each have a library full of many leather-bound books.

@bonnieupright's life is directly related to the Jaguars:

@MadeByTim knows how to make the ordinary seem special.

Losing either one from the competition will hurt...

It's kind of like at the end of The Hunger Games when you realize Katniss and Peeta are going to have to fight each other and you're like, "Oh, :/"

But there's no sequels here so...




@ohhkristin (6) vs. @mjtiscione (9)

Two lower seeds blew through this bracket to the finals. Both are true Jaguars fans and show their commitment at all times.

@mjtiscione is supports the team in Jacksonville, on the road, and in the gym.

@ohhkrisitin not only supports the Jags, but apparently also has the goods on @mandy6488 which is always entertaining.

" up Amanda, often the cost of victory is great..."

Hard to say goodbye to either of these fans. @ohhkristin works tirelessly with Bold City Brigade, bringing fans together.

@mjtiscione is working on a payback list for Jaguars fans

Tough choice, but just like when Obi-Wan Kenobi got sabered in Star Wars, @ohhkristin's presence can never be cut down completely...



Tomorrow: Final Four

@GuysGirl vs. @mandy6488

@MadeByTim vs. @mjtiscione

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