My Jags Mock Draft

As a WVU fan, it would obviously be fantastic to see the Jags draft Geno Smith. I think he will be a pretty good starting QB in the NFL and he would immediately upgrade the position, but I won't let that affect my opinion of our first pick . We need to find a player we think has star potential and can be an impact player for the next decade. Here's my mock draft for the Jaguars that I believe is pretty realistic and would add a ton of talent to the team. This is also assuming we sign a FA RT, don't draft Geno, and give Gabbert one last shot.

1st Round- Ezekial Ansah DE BYU

2nd Round- Desmond Trufant CB Washington

3rd Round- Larry Warford OG UK, Kyle Long OG Oregon, Barett Jones OG Alabama

4th Round- Baccari Rambo S UGA

5th Round- Quanterus Smith DE WKU

6th Round- Potentially Kwame Geathers DT UGA, but I don't think he'll be here

7th Round- Best offensive athlete available. Ace Sanders, Onterio McCalebb, etc.


1st Round- We obviously need a long term LEO prospect and we have discussed Ansah quite a bit on this site.

2nd Round- We need to bring in a pretty good CB prospect since we are probably losing both starters from last year. I like Harris and Ross as backups, but Trufant would be able to start from Day One and develop along the way.

3rd Round- I believe one of those three will be there. I expect us to bring in a RT in FA, so we need to address the OG position in the draft. We need to make sure we can finally protect our QB and give him a chance to succeed with pretty good WRs next year. If none of those three are available, a fourth guy Brian Winters from Kent State seems to be a pretty good development prospect, much like Rackley was two years ago.

4th Round- Rambo will probably be here because of issues he had at UGA and he is getting overlooked by lots of people in the media. He played well when he was on the field and is extremely athletic. He could come in and be a very good backup his first season and hopefully take over in two seasons.

5th Round- I really hope we pick up Smith because he is an incredible talent and would have been an early second day pick at worst if healthy. He had an ACL tear so I really have no idea where to put him, but a pick at the beginning of the 5th round might be early enough to still get him. I don't think most teams would want to draft a DE prospect coming off an ACL injury in the first 4 rounds. We will have Babin, Ansah, and maybe Branch ahead of him so we can give him time to completely heal.

6th Round- Geathers is similar to Smith in that it is hard to judge where he will go. He has the talent to be a Top3 round pick, but he didn't start at UGA because John Jenkins was in front of him. I don't think he'll be here at this point in the draft, but if he is, he is a great nose tackle prospect to use in any 3-4 looks we might use.

7th Round- This pick should just be used to add the best talent we can get and hopefully they will develop.

Ideally I would like for our team to trade down at some point in either the first or second rounds given our high picks, but this draft is if we are unable to. What do you guys think?

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