Jaguars: Offensive or Defense with the 2nd overall pick in 2013 NFL Draft? Mock Draft 1.0(No Trades)

It would have been nice if the Jaguars had the 2nd overall pick last year. This way if they wanted to trade down they could have gotten the farm for that spot or even took RG3. Who knows? What I do know that this year there is no chance we're getting that much to move to that spot. Even the Ravens wouldn't give up that many picks.

One could presume that the Chiefs are taking 1 of 3 players with the 1st overall pick. And no none of those 3 are Geno Smith.

With the 1st pick of the 2013 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select.......

1)Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

2)Sharrif Floyd DT Florida

3)Star Lotulelei DT Utah

None of those picks affect this mock draft, so we can proceed.

Most might not agree with this pick because it isn't the most popular pick. In the words of Dave Dameshek "Let it begin".


1st round) Chance Warmack G Alabama- With the Jaguars Offensive line not even being mediocre due to injuries, lack of consistency,and solid depth, one would have to think taking the highest rated guard in the draft(some would say highest rated offensive player, others would say top player in the 2013 NFL Draft) would be a no brainer. Eben Britton and Steve Vallos can always be replaced. Neither of them should be starting LG and should compete to win the back up job and the other cut.

2nd round)Jonathan Banks CB Mississippi State- Derek Cox signed with the Chargers,Aaron Ross cut, and Rasheem Mathis a Free Agent. Need I say more about this pick. The Jaguars need a CB who can come in right away and start day one and Banks gives them that. Though he might not be best player available he's probably pretty close and he fits a major need. Don't get me wrong I hate reaching, but with the 33rd pick, he's good value. Banks is a guy who might not shut down a Reggie Wayne or an Andre Johnson, but he's your best bet with his size and physicality to hold his own against them twice a year.

3rd)Kyle Long OT Oregon-Slowly, but surely we will get a good enough offensive line where are TE M.Lewis can go out and catch some passes and get back to being an effective weapon over the middle instead of blocking. The Long family doesn't fail when it comes to football. That is a great bloodline that will be known in the NFL for as long as they keep producing football players.Cameron Bradfield in my opinion is better suited at the RG position. This move would allow Long to take over at RT where he will excel.

4th round)D.J. Swearinger FS South Carolina-With Dawan Landry gone we need a guy to fill his shoes. Swearinger why though not Ed Reed, he is a sold FS, doesn't give up the big player, and is a great tackler. Yes we can still find a starter in the 4th round.

5th round)Chase Thomas OLB Stanford-In the 5th round he give great value and will be able to compete for the starting strong side linebacker position. With Daryl Smith a Free Agent and his spot not yet filled, Thomas is a pick you just can't pass up.

6th round)Michael Williams TE Alabama-This is the Jaguars new blocking TE.We've seen the running backs that have game out of Alabama the past 2 years and one this year. Williams helped block the way for the guys to become stars at the collegiate level and will be a good red zone threat because of his size and he has reliable hands. I feel he is underrated due to Alabama's ground and pound style of offense, and isn't looked at as a pass catching tight end.

7th round)Denard Robinson, RB/WR/KR, Michigan-This is a guy who is just a tremendous athlete and in the 7th round you can go wrong with this guy. He can back up Jones-Drew, he can be that 3rd reciever, and can be a return guy. Any player with this much talent is worth taking in the later rounds.

Now this is by no way accurate just my speculation as I play GM. I did this draft with the assumption that the Jaguars will pick up a Dwight Freeney or a John Abraham to give the 32nd ranked pass rush some help because lets face it you can't fill all the Jaguars needs in one draft.

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