Bearded Ladies and Offensive Lineman

Your eyes meet from across the bar, she has that look in her eyes that says more than all the words of any language could ever say. The fire burning is hotter than that of a thousand suns. Everything and everybody in the room seems to disappear, the music fades, and you know, you've got her. No divine entity or Tim Tebow himself, could stop you and her from doing everything that one look said is going to happen. It is a safe bet, a sure thing, a safe pick.

Problem is she's 400 pounds, hates animals, has a beard, warts, a bad outlook on life, and won't make you happy or a better person.

"She" is that offensive lineman some of you want the Jaguars to pick in this year's Draft.

So maybe that illustration doesn't apply to all of you, but you get the point. The Jags go on the clock in just over a week and the franchise has more holes in it than swiss cheese in a bomb testing facility. We all know the greatest need is at quarterback. I've made the case for Geno and I've also suggested that taking our second greatest need, defensive end, wouldn't be a bad idea either. One idea I can't get behind is taking an offensive lineman at number two. It would be... offensive, to say the least. Why take a player in such a position who will not make a difference in how good or bad the team will be. Add that 400 pound bearded lady to the team and we're still 2-14.

The arguments for picking a lineman seem to be centered around the legitimate need for a right tackle and/or the so called lack of talent at left tackle. Since the only bright spot on the offensive line last season was the play of Monroe at left tackle, let's leave that argument alone. However, the need for a quality RT is real and needs to be addressed. The trick is to find out where that need falls in the grand scheme of things.

With quality free agent offensive lineman still available, taking one outside the first round could be in the works for the Jags. However, since the team is going to a zone blocking scheme, you can't just throw a guy in there like we did last season. He has to fit. A guy like Tyson Clabo or Eric Winston may still be on the team's radar and they could be waiting until after the draft to make a signing.

Look, we're going to get a QB, DE, and OL in this draft. Maybe not in that order, but it's a safe bet we'll get at least one of each. Since this is a new GM, we don't have any history on how he drafts or what he's thinking. All we know is that we're a needs based drafting team, who has a the fifth richest owner in the league as well as a new attitude. So walk away from the four hundred pound bearded lady folks because safe bets don't really exist anyways. As one of the worst teams in the league, we can afford to aim a little higher.

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