Just some thoughts on the draft

After looking at where all the players we've worked out are projected I think we stand a pretty good chance to net a pretty good haul this year. It won't immediately put us in the lead of our division but we will for sure be competing. If we can some how manage to grab some extra picks this year it would be very beneficial and let us reload our much depleted roster. Caldwell has assured us a variety of options for round 1 to 3. We even have some later round guys that look pretty good. If we can haul in extra picks through the 2nd to 4th we will be even closer to being at the top. I know everyone has fallen in love with Geno Smith but I personally think he's not worth the #2 pick. I find EJ Manuel to be a better option for us. If we can get him in the 2nd or 3rd round it allows us to get some franchise players on top of a QB that can come in and compete with Gabbert and possibly beat him out. Check out ESPN's Sport Science piece on EJ and it might change your view a little bit.

Freeing up our #2 pick for say Dion Jordan who can play all over the field for us and add pressure. I know the coached are pretty set on Jason Babin being the starting LEO and we have Andre Branch as well. The problem I see is that they don't really have the ability to drop in to coverage. There are more traditional hand in the ground pass rushers. Where as Dion has played all over the field. I think a big key to the new defense is versatility and speed. Something Babin doesn't have anymore, and Branch lacks the versatility. Not to say they can't do it, just they aren't that good at it.

I feel our draft will look something along the lines of this.

Round 1- Dion Jordan

Round 2- EJ Manuel and Sio Moore (if we can get the picks)

Round 3- I feel like we have 3 target players this round. Ryan Swope, Travis Kelce, and Jonathon Cyprien

Round 4- Another multi target round (good chance of loading up on picks in this round) Christine Michaels, Justin Pugh, and Arthur Brown being the three biggest targets.

Round 5- We don't really have anyone projected here but could use it to grab DJ Swearinger before someone else can.

Round 6- Kyle Juszczyk

Round 7- Sanders Commings. We also have Matt Scott projected here as well and Sheldon Price could be another round to pick up picks in or hope for them to fall the UDFA.

Caldwell has also stated he has left us enough money and room to clean up and hopefully win out on the big name UDFA's. This year could serve to be a good year to do so. The best ones I have seen so far out of the ones we worked out....

DeWayne Cherrington

Sam Barrington

Cooper Taylor

Cornelius Washington (however recent reports say the Jets might spend a pick on him)

One guy I would love to see added to that list is Jajuan Harley from Middle Tennessee, At 6'1 212 lbs he's the size Gus likes and can play both corner and safety. On top of that he is blazing fast and a tremendous kick returner.

So those are my thoughts, I for one would love this kind of haul. We would have some very talented players coming in that would make us better all over and young. I'm sure these draft projections will change some along the way but as of the time I made the list that's where they were so that's where I put them. What do you guys think?

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