Another Mock Draft (for your pleasure)

Round 1 (2): Dion Jordan DE/OLB

Ridiculous athlete, great pass rush and good in coverage, perfect fit for a LEO (and we all know how much wood Bradley has for LEOs). Can line up at multiple positions and keep defenses guessing. Caldwell says we'll be a needs-based drafting team so we'll use our highest pick on our most dire need.

Round 2 (33): Menelik Watson RT

Right Tackle is another dire need. Andre, Winston and Clabo are some FA options but so far Caldwell has not spent more than 2mil/year (Roy Miller) for a player and all the solid FA RT options will demand more than that. Maybe I'm a little biased here in Tallahassee but at FSU he saw a lot of solid competition at FSU and in addition to being a powerful blocker the man can move and you would constantly see him downfield picking up blocks. Played RT at college so there’s no transition needed. Has only played football for two years, lots of upside. Bonus: has an English accent and a gold tooth which is hilarious, good for morale I’m sure.

Round 3 (64): DJ Swearinger DB

After years of watching bad tackling from my beloved jaguars I can feel an ulcer burn just a little wider through my stomach every time Prosinski takes the field. Swearinger is the perfect prescription, an aggressive physical tackler. Solid in coverage with good ball skills, 3 interception in 2011 and 2 in 2012. Bonus: rockin’ an awesome name

Round 4 (95): Matt Scott QB

Gabbert will get another chance. He improved from 2011 to 2012 and he deserves another year to show us if he can be “the guy”. Everyone forget there were TWO games in 2012 where Gabbert led drives to take the lead with less than a minute left. If he doesn’t improve by at least the same margin this year he’ll be tossed. Scott is the perfect developmental QB. Great pocket presence, accurate, keeps his eyes downfield and still accurate throwing on the run, throws to where receiver can pick up yards after catch, tough and willing to take hits to make throws. I’m surprised he doesn’t get more praise but from what I’ve seen he should be available at the top of the fourth.

Round 5 (126): Kyle Juszczyk FB

Goodbye Mr. Jones. He wants a ring and I don’t blame him. MJD needs another lead blocker and Juskjbhagkjha can be that man. Bonus: spelling his name in Scabble will automatically win you the game

Round 6: Knile Davis RB

Maybe he’s just a workout warrior but at 230 pounds he runs a 4.35 40 and 31 reps on the bench. MJD might not be around next year but if Davis develops a David/Forsett combo could provide a healthy run game

Round 7: Dustin Hopkins K

I know we have Scobee but he’s not getting younger and at Round 7 you’ll find the most talent in the non premium positions. We have our punter for the next generation so let’s take our kicker. Bonus: spray paints his cleats gold before every game, has the golden touch

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