Narrowed down to 2 - No Geno Smith?

So, as you all know by now, Dave Caldwell recently said he has his search for the second overall pick narrowed down to just 2 players in the entire draft. At first glance, one might think, that could mean any two players, right? Well, sure, it could mean any two players at any position, it could mean anything really. It could just be another load of BS spewed to the media to spur up some sort of smokescreen or drum up interest in a trade. Stating that you have your search narrowed down to two is clever when you are drafting at the two position. Makes me wonder if we were drafting third overall, would have his selection narrowed to three, or would he just not say anything at all?

I will dig into this statement of "narrowed down to two" a little bit deeper, as to what it could really mean, and if it could be a sign that Geno Smith is not one of these two players.

Drafting Best Player Available, by Need.

Caldwell has stated that he will be drafting the best players he can to fill needs on the team. Well, his team has a lot of needs. On the defensive side of the draft, he could find an elite prospect at the following positions:

  • DE
  • DT
  • OLB
  • CB

As for offensive positions, an elite prospect could be found for:

  • QB
  • OT
  • WR

As you can see, he *could* go in several different directions. A popular belief among most of the football world is that the Jaguars will be selecting someone to help boost the pass rush, or a quarterback to help boost the passing game. That leaves us with few positions: DE, OLB, QB. The only reason I leave OLB on the list is because OLB players and defensive ends could both fit the LEO role that Gus Bradley will be looking to fill this NFL draft.

Now, let's look at the list of potential candidates who are considered elite prospects at these positions:

DE/OLB - Dion Jordan, Ezekial Ansah

QB - Geno Smith

So, according to the popular internet footballing world, we have three players that Caldwell might have as his top two. For the sake of this argument, we are assuming that two of these three are going to be correct.

Now, would it make more sense for a GM to have his mind made up between two players of the same position, or two positions? If it were between two players of different position, wouldn't that be kind of odd?

And since there are arguably no other players at the QB position who are on the same level as Geno Smith, can't we say for near certain that he isn't deciding between two Quarterbacks at #2 overall?

Sorry, but if you are a GM, you don't go into draft day flipping a coin between upgrading your QB position and upgrading your pass rush. You KNOW you are going to select a QB, and there just aren't two QBs in this draft. So, I state with some confidence, that if Caldwell isn't just blowing smoke up our hoo-hahs, and is dead honest about his "narrowed down to 2" statement, that they must be of the same position, and they must be Dion Jordan and Ezekial Ansah.

But then again, it could all be a SMOKESCREEN.

TLDR: It's Dion Jordan and Ezekial Ansah, in the Library, with the Candlestick.

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