2013 NFL Draft Takeover


In all honesty I had planned on doing a FanPost on the In's and Out's of attending the NFL Draft in NYC. I even talked to Alfie about doing one on several occasions. I didn't. My bad. I flailed.

I won't insult anyone that may have been interested in attending by posting the info now. But if you'll indulge me for a minute I'd still like to share something with y'all.

I was fortunate enough to attend the draft last year. My old lady, my brother-in-law, and myself made the trek. We met maybe a half dozen other Jags fans up there and that was that. Not much fan-fare and plenty of strange looks from folks that had never seen a Jaguars fan in real life.

That's great, Cap. Thanks for the story, right? Hold on a minute, because this story isn't about me. In fact, in all actuality, it's not really about the draft either. This is about what's going on. We're in the midst of a renaissance. Something special is happening and if you haven't noticed, you will.

For a while now we've heard the monikers "Generation Jaguars" or "Generation Jags". That shit sounded good, catchy even. If we had a nickel for every time that we heard people from the old guard talk about how we just had to wait for the first generation of fans that were born into this team and grew up with this team to reach ticket buying age, well we'd at least be thousandaires.

The funny thing is that in the midst of a decade of perpetual mediocrity on the field and the abuse of just about anyone with a blog or a microphone off of it, it happened. We stopped just talking about how much we loved this team and this city. Instead we stood up, grabbed our metaphorical dicks, threw everyone that refused to see the passion here the middle finger, and we took over. We grabbed the reigns. We stopped apologizing.

Oh you don't want us to stand up? Cool, we'll just start moving our seats together and take over an endzone. Oh, a booster club that doesn't relate to our generation? That's aight we'll just make our own. What's that you said, Dolphins fans? We don't have any fans? Ha, thanks for the 130 seats in the corner of the endzone. And yes, we tailgate hard before and after the game, win OR lose.

It's a beautiful thing to witness and I'm damn proud to be a part of it. I don't think we can overestimate the uniqueness of the current climate within this fan-base. It's always been our team. The old guard was right about that.

Why the hell is this post titled, "2013 NFL Draft Takeover"? Solid question. Honestly I'm not saying anything here that a lot of you don't already know. But there are certain times when the gravity of all of this hits me hard. Preparing to go back to NYC for this draft was one of those times. I bought my plane ticket in January and a few of us started talking about trying to make it a solid crew rolling up. Fast forward to today and I can't even keep track of all of the people going. It's somewhere near 50 now. We're meeting up w/ some NYC based Jaguars fans and even partying at their official home bar. Did you know that there was a NYC group that had a home bar for watching the games? Me neither. I didn't know a lot of things before this renaissance took hold.

Without a doubt we're going to NYC to represent. We're going to party. We're going because we have black and teal running through our veins. But, if you stop and think, it's actually bigger than all of that. We're going because we're called to it. We're going because it's what we do. It's our team and we're gonna follow em everywhere and anywhere. To think about not doing it doesn't even register. It's the new normal 'round here. To quote a buddy of mine, "It's just what we do, bro.". Indeed, indeed.

Shad Khan, Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell offer a lot of hope. In the end though it's OUR new collective attitude where the true promise lives. True passion resides in those attributes I mentioned above. And to be perfectly honest, that's the shit that motivates me.

So as we transition into an exciting week where the re-birth within the walls of Everbank continues hold your heads up high knowing that it's finally in good hands off the field too.



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