Jag$ Mock draft 4-19-13

This season has plenty to look forward to can't wait until the season starts. Go Jags!

This will be my last mock draft April 25-27 will be great with Caldwell building the jaguars correctly.

Round 1 pick #2

Geno Smith West Virginia QB

Geno's senior year speaks for itself. New management did not select Blaine Gabbert and Caldwell will select his own qb not to mention Bradley wants a qb who could be versatile with option.He does posess the tools to be a top 10 qb his rookie season. Geno has a great arm and has good field awareness with superior pocket presence. He could make cs3 and Blackmon flourish their 2nd year together starting, as well as revive Shipley and MoMass careers.

Round 2 pick #33

Arthur Brown Kansas State OLB

The more I watch him play the more I see with tremendous upside. Arthur flys to the ball and hustles on every play. He could be a quality players for years to come with the right coaching with Mike Duffner coaching.

Round 3 pick #66

D.J. Swearinger South Carolina SS

D.J. will be a playmaker right off the bat he is a good open tackler and hits hard. Plays the ball well with physical wrs he could be the leader of the secondary.

Round 4 pick #97

Therald Simon LSU CB

Therald is very competitive and will add depth. He plays man to man great who is a tall lanky corner who was underated in the SEC division.

Round 5 pick #130

Sanders Commings Georgia CB

We will turn heads with our defense next year and Sanders could be a starter as a rookie. Aggressive and confident not scared to go heads up.

Round 6 pick #161

Luke Marquardt Azusa Pacific OL/RT

He could be are right tackle and fill a void. He is a good run blocker and pulls well.

Round 7 pick #194

Miguel Maysonet Stony Brook RB

Miguel Maysonet could be a steal in this year's draft. Miguel should be used as a returner as a rookie he follows his blocks well. I think this guy is a game changer and will breakout sooner or later. Just because he is from a small school and transferred from Hofstra this guy is a stud. He could learn a few things from MJD and could very well be a crowd favorite.

Let me know what you guys think.

Jacksonville Jaguars about to turn things around 2013...

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