Rhett's Final Jaguars Mock Draft

1(2). Dion Jordan: DE/LB, Oregon - Jaguars take one of the most valuable players in this year's draft. Dion Jordan. He's one of the most athletically gifted and most versatile players in the draft. He'll play LEO and SLB, and it's almost impossible for this guy to bust, unless he runs into drug or injury problems(knock on wood). If he doesn't fit as a LEO, he can be a full time strongside linebacker. If he doesn't fit at strongside linebacker he can be a full time LEO. But he can do both. He's can pass rush with his hand on the ground or standing up, and he's good in coverage.

2(33). Ryan Nassib: QB, Syracuse - I like Ryan Nassib. He has talent that can make him a 1st round pick. He has some mechanical flaws that hinder his ability to throw down field, but its fixable. He can come in and compete with Gabbert and Henne for the starting job, I don't think he'll win, but he'll definitely put up some good competition. He's a very smart QB, with great footwork, he goes through his progressions, has excellent vision, makes good decisions, and he has excellent ball placement. He's not a mobile quarterback, but he is mobile enough that he can run a mobile offense if needed. At the worst he would be a good backup who can come in for an injury and still win the football game. At the best, with development, you're getting a pro bowl quarterback. He compares to Matt Ryan coming out of college, both quarterbacks who excel at short and intermediate throws but struggle throwing the deep ball.

3(64). Sanders Commings: CB, Georgia - Commings is a player rising up draft boards. The Jaguars reportedly like him a lot. He's a 6'0" 216 pound cornerback who looks more like a safety. He is excellent in press coverage in man, and didn't play much zone in college. He needs to work on his footwork, but that can be improved with time. The Jaguars as we know are going to run a lot of cover 3 zone defense. With Lowery over the top as the single high safety, which I'm sure he'll handle fine, and 2 corners playing press then dropping back into their deep zone. The way it works is the receivers get jammed at the line, and by the time they get into their route and run it and look for the ball, their quarterback is under duress from the pass rush. He has pretty good athletiscm with a 4.41 40. Commings needs to work on his zone coverage, but he should be a solid starter in his rookie season.

4(99). Cooper Taylor: SS, Richmond - Taylor is another player rising up boards. Quite a few teams attended his pro day, and a few teams are making visits with him. The Jaguars are on of those teams who visited with him and attended his pro day. Of course Gus Bradley probably likes what he sees. A 6'5" 228 pound cornerback, who is actually surprisingly athletic with loose hips. At his pro day he ran a 4.49 40, has a 36 inch vertical, 10'7" broad, and 23 reps on the bench press. That's all pretty good, and he impressed at the east west shrine game. He's a perfect fit for the bandit safety and can step in and start day 1.

5(135). Kyle Juszczyk: FB, Harvard - The Jaguars have said there is a place for a fullback in there new offense. Well as of right now, the Jaguars have no fullback. They get lucky and snag the best fullback in this draft out of Harvard. He brings another weapon to the Jags' offense, because he's a good lead blocker, but he is also a good route runner with good hands, and he's pretty tough to tackle.

6(169). Jonathan Stewart: LB, Texas A&M - Stewart is a versatile linebacker as he can line up at any of the positions. He's 6'4" 242 pounds, so he has good bulk. He's a good run defender, and plays very well in the middle. He has good speed positing a 4.55 40 at his pro day, he also had excellent positional workouts. He's a good pass rusher as well, when asked to blitz he usually makes his way into the backfield causing havoc, and he's an excellent tackler always wrapping up while also delivering a big hit. While he has the speed to stick with the athletic tight ends in the NFL, He lacks quick reaction skills and often takes false steps giving tight ends more separation. He needs to work on his pass coverage, and it can be worked on to a degree. At the worst the Jaguars get a good reserve and special teams linebacker, but at the best he can be a solid middle linebacker who fits the Jaguars scheme as he is very athletic.

7(208). Lawrence Okoye: DE/DT, N/A - At 6'5" 304 pounds this is a man who never played college football. He was an Olympic discus player in England and played rugby, and came to the US. He is now pursuing a career in the NFL. He has 34 1/2 inch arms, and ran a 4.78 40 yard dash with a 35" vertical at the regional combine in Texas. He is literally a giant ball of clay. He can be molded and developed into a masterpiece of art, or a piece of crap made by a 1 year old. He is a tremendous athlete, but he's going to need time and a lot of work, once he fully understands the game, and is taught how to properly play the defensive tackle or defensive end position in the NFL, I can't see him being any worse than a solid depth player, which is what you expect with a 7th round pick. But at the best, he can be a very solid defensive tackle.

Hope you liked it, go Jags!

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