Jaguars Get an Opportunity to Build from the Bottom Up

Lets think about things from a positive light; the Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot of room for improvement. After finishing 2-13 and last in the AFC South the club is looking to build through the draft. One thing we can keep in mind is many teams have proven that in this age a team can be turned around quickly. Last year the draft didn't work out too well for the Jaguars. They traded up to get Justin Blackmon and didn't do anything to capitalize on his skills. Towards the end of the season he and Chad Henne began to click a little bit and they should be able to build on that going into this season. The biggest point of emphasis to all the fans should be the overhaul of the front office. It is the first year for general manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley. Can they do something similar to what Indianapolis did last year? If they hope to get close they will have to make this draft a good one.

Defensive End

There are obviously a lot of holes on this roster, but defensive end absolutely has to get better. Coach Bradley is the only newly hired coach with a defensive background and his say on draft day will certainly go towards upgrading this unit. They finished last in the league in sacks, as a team they had less than J.J. Watt (20) to (20.5), and that has to change if you expect to compete in the NFL.

Offensive Line

Maurice Jones-Drew missed the majority of last season and the Jaguars struggled to move the ball. That shows a need in two areas; an adequate replacement for Jones-Drew and an upgrade to the offensive line. The offensive line should be the more pressing need of the two and the staff has already admitted it. The team particularly struggled with runs up the middle due to center Brad Meester's declining skill set. He was recently signed to a one-year deal so the team should be looking for a replacement.


Blaine Gabbert should not feel confident about his job. This is not the draft to take a quarterback and the team has more pressing needs. Gabbert will be the starting quarterback going into the season opener, but the staff will have a close eye on him throughout the year. He hasn't impressed anyone to date, and is he doesn't show anything big through the year he will likely be looking for work somewhere else. The exception could come in if the staff feels like they can get a steal with someone they like in a late round. Having a young guy on the roster they can develop for a year would help make the transistion easier.


It certainly isn't the most glaring need on the roster, but it is a legitimate one. Dawan Landry was released and the choices that are left aren't house hold names to say the least. This draft is looked at as having deep talent at the safety position and if the staff drafts with a best player on the board style, they may take one.

The Jaguars have the second overall pick in the draft, which leaves them with almost every player as an option. Due to their lack of pass rush for more than one year now the team will be tempted to go with Ezekiel Ansah. He is a big, strong DE at 6-6, 274 lbs who is coming from BYU. He is a little raw, but has tremendous upside as the prototypical 4-3 DE. He is a talented, disruptive athlete who plays with high energy and doesn't give up on the play. He is a hungry player who recently started playing the game. He only jumped on to the football field in 2010 after first trying out for basketball and track. This means that at times he will be dominated because of a lack of technique, but he can learn quickly. He will grow quickly in his first seasons but will still be able to contribute in 2013. Dave Caldwell is trying to make his stamp on the team as the GM by making good decisions. Not wanting to waste time or be labeled as indecisive he promptly stepped up and fired Mike Mularkey after only one season. While some would lob criticize him as not allowing Mularkey a chance, he showed a lot in the season he had. Everyone is going to judge him on the results he brings and he wants to install his own team because he thinks it will put them in the best position to win, sounds like the beginning of success.

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