2013 MTD/TST 7-Round Live Mock RESULTS for the Jaguars

Hey everyone, just finished up the MTD Live Mock that was hosted by the awesome folks over at TurfShowTimes and wanted to post the somewhat surprising results for everyone to see with explanations.

Jacksonville Jaguars draft recap and UDFAs:

1/2: Ezekiel Ansah, DE/BYU- Since I'm not the biggest fan of Dion Jordan, I went with the kid I see being a big impact pass-rusher in the league.

2/33: Geno Smith, QB/West Virginia- Quite literally the biggest shocker of the draft was that Geno dropped all the way to the 33rd pick(with both Arizona and the New York Jets having two shots at picking him in the first and Buffalo going with Nassib in the 1st). Not the biggest fan of Geno at all, but the value was just way too good to ignore here.

3/64: Phillip Thomas, S/Fresno State- This'll probably be the pick that everyone hates. My justification for it is that with this becoming a passing league more and more, we can't have one of the DBs be a liability in coverage, so you plug Thomas in at SS along with Dwight at FS and if Dwight somehow gets injured and misses time again, we can have Thomas slide right in.

4/98: Sanders Commings, CB/Gerogia- We all know the deal with this one. Bradley likes running press-man and we need corners, so perfect fit.

5/135: Ty Powell, OLB/Harding- Here's another one people might not get, but this kid is versatile as hell could be the replacement for Daryl that we need.

6/169: Mike Gillislee, RB/Florida- This pick was all about value and quite frankly, I was shocked Mike was still around at the top of the 6th. One of the war room thread participants mentioned him and I'd completely forgotten he hadn't been taken, so this ended up being a no-brainer in getting MoJo's possible replacement.

7/208: Sheldon Price, CB/UCLA- This one was kinda tough because all the draftable potential RTs got taken in the 5th-6th rounds, so me and the war room decided to go BPA and here we get Price to be another of Bradley's big press corners.


Demetrius McCray, CB/Appalachian State
Mark Harrison, WR/Rutgers
Aaron Hester, CB/UCLA
Omar Hunter, DT/Florida
Emmett Cleary, OT-OG/Boston College

For the UDFAs, the secondary really did need a boost, so we grabbed both McCray from App State along with Hester from UCLA and hopefully one of them can transition to safety and we can finally be rid of Prosinski for good. Omar Hunter is just adding more beef to the DT rotation since there's no guarantee that Pendleton will even make the final roster and Cleary is a developmental RT who can also play guard.

So that's the results, feel free to tell me whether I did well or I suck at life and should die!

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