Rhett's Real Final Jaguars Mock Draft

TRADE: The Detroit Lions trade #5, #36, and their 2014 2nd round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars to select Eric Fisher.

1(5). Ezekiel Ansah: Defensive End, BYU - I think with this trade scenario, the first 5 picks will be Joeckel, Fisher, Lotululei or Floyd, Jordan, and than Ansah. Ansah is a tremendous athlete, and seems to be a quick learner as with limited football experience played all over the line at BYU. Todd Wash will have to get to work, but with a little time, Ansah can be a tremendous pass rusher, and rack 15 sacks plus a season. He has very strong active hands and delivers a strong punch. The only move he utilizes really is a bull rush, but its a good bull rush. I've seen him use the spin move before, but he needs to learn other pass rushing moves like the swim, the rip, etc. Right now he relies too much on his athletiscm, and once he learns and develops he's going to be a feared pass rusher.

TRADE: The Miami Dolphins trade #42, #111, and their 2014 4th round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

2(36). Matt Barkley: Quarterback, USC - The Jaguars are reportedly high on Matt Barkley. Barkley has a very high floor, and is at worst going to be a solid starter in my opinion. He's an accurate passer with enough arm strength for the NFL. His arm strength isn't great, but it's enough to where he can still be succesful in the NFL like Matt Hasselbeck, Andy Dalton, and Drew Brees. He has a quick release and delivery, and while isn't the most mobile quarterback, he can move around if needed. He's very accurate on the move as well. He doesn't have the size you'd like in a quarterback at 6'2" but he is good at changing his throwing motion to adjust to incoming defenders. He's very polished coming from a pro style offense with great footwork, intangibles, and mechanics. He can definitely come in and beat out Gabbert and Henne.

2(42). Justin Pugh: Offensive Tackle/Offensive Guard, Syracuse - The Jaguars need a Right Tackle badly. Justin Pugh is available at #42 and there have been rumors he might slip into the 1st round. Pugh is one of the smartest players in the draft, and is a very experienced player. He has great athleticism for a right tackle or guard, and would be an excellent fit in a zone blocking scheme. Unfortunately he has 32" arms, which will be a little tough for him at right tackle, but in a zone blocking scheme it shouldn't be that bad. If he has to slide into guard, he'll be a very good guard for us, if he has to play right tackle, I think he can be solid. He has a very high ceiling, and a high floor because like I said if he can't play right tackle, were getting a very good guard.

3(64). Sanders Commings: Cornerback, Georgia - Commings is a cornerback built like a safety at 6'0" 216 pounds with 32" arms. He is a good run defender and willing tackler. Some teams are viewing him as a safety and will convert him, but the Jaguars won't. All though Commings didn't play a lot of zone in college, he did a lot of press man, and he thrives at it. The Jaguars scheme uses his two long press corners and Commings fits that bill to a T. According to Tony Pauline, Commings is now viewed as a solid 3rd round pick by many teams.

4(98). Kiko Alonso: Linebacker, Oregon - Alonso slips into the 4th round, and the Jaguars snag him. He's an athletic and very aggressive linebacker who can play inside in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme and outside in a 4-3 scheme. With the Jaguars transitioning to a hybrid defense, Alonso is a good versatile linebacker to have. At 6'3" 238 lbs, he has great size for the position. Alonso has had a few off-field issues, being suspended the 2010 season, and forced to sit out the 2011 opener. He's also had his run of injuries with a torn ACL in 2010 and a broken wrist last season. Last season out of 81 tackles, 14 of them were for a loss. He has strong hands, is very quick, a good blitzer, with a strong motor. He needs to learn a few things at the next level, but with some time with Mark Dufner he should be a good starter.

4(111). Cooper Taylor: Strong Safety, Richmond - At 6'5" 230 lbs this guy is huge. He looks like Kam Chancellor as they are very similar in size. Taylor is a good run defender and willing tackler. He's a very aggressive player and is very athletic for his size. He has a history of injuries, but if this guy played for a D1 school he'd be a 1st round pick.

5(135). Zaviar Gooden: Linebacker, Missouri - Gooden is a freakish athlete. He was the best in almost every drill at the combine for linebackers, posting an eye popping 4.46 40 yard dash, 27 reps on the bench, and a 38" vertical at his pro day. He's pretty raw when it comes to coverage and pass rushing. He's limited to a 4-3 weakside role for now. He's undersized at 6'1" 230 pounds. Gooden is a very good tackler though, and excels at shedding blocks. He's extremely aggressive, and with the Jaguars wanting to be an aggressive and fast defense, he definitely fits that.

6(169). Sheldon Price: Cornerback, UCLA - At 6'2" 190 pounds, Sheldon Price is the lengthy type of player that Gus Bradley looks for in his cornerbacks. He's a good press corner, that has potential to be a good starter in the NFL. He's a solid tackler, but is sometimes too aggressive. He's solid in coverage, was inconsistent in college. Collecting 3 interceptions one week, than getting burned consistently the next,

7(208). Lonnie Pryor: Fullback, Florida State - The Jags get lucky that Pryor slides to the 7th. They needed a fullback, and Pryor is a solid lead blocker, but a very big threat with the ball in his hand.

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