5 Things we learned from the draft

1) The front office really did believe Blaine Gabbert would have been this years best QB

The Jaguars had every chance to grab a signal caller to replace Gabbert this year and they didn't. Even after securing the O-line in round 1 by picking Joeckel, they still passed on Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib. QB's this year really slid down the board . Despite that, the Jaguars didn't feel Geno, or any other QB prospect, was worth a 2nd or later pick. This becomes even more apparent when you take into consideration Caldwell said in the first three rounds you want guys you expect to come in and start. Needless to say, they didn't think any of the QB's could come in and start right away. Now, is this an endorsement of Gabbert or a indictment of the QB class? The answer probably lies somewhere in between.

2) Caldwell and Bradley didn't have Jordan or Ansah rated as top tier prospects.

The only real complaint about the Joeckel pick is that it was a waste to pick a RT #2. Bradley and Caldwell most certainly understand positional value, so why would they use this pick for a RT? For one, Joeckel was the #1 player on their board. Even if the Chiefs took Joeckel, Caldwell and Bradley stated in a presser that Fisher would have been the other choice. These two fully understand that a pass rusher holds more value than a RT. So, in choosing Joeckel, they essentially told us they had Jordan and Ansah graded much lower than Fisher and Joeckel. When looking at their board they probably saw three things that led them to RT. The most obvious is that Joeckel and Fisher were probably the two highest rated players on the board, regardless of poistion, and not just ahead of Ansah and Jordan. Second, the talent drop off from round 1 to round 2 was the most significant for the OT, compared to other needs.This became even more true with the reach of several prospects late in day 1.CB was especially deep and S had enough talent to wait until the 2nd. Third, who else graded out high enough to take #2. Sharrif Floyd would have been a popular choice pre-draft. Apparently NFL GM's didn't agree. Dion Jordan? A player with limited production in a pass happy PAC-12 coming off an injury? I'll admit that I would have liked the Jordan pick. Hell, I though the reports of an interest in OT was a smoke screen. Looking at the tape, it is hard to argue that Jordan is the same level prospect as Joeckel. In the end, Caldwell chose the highest rated player, in an area of need, with lower positional value; over a player at another area of need, with a lower grade and higher positional value.

3) They didn't like the DE talent outside round 1.

This is such a glaring need, why wasn't it addressed? Well. part of this question I touched on earlier in regards to Ansah and Jordan. I state #3 this way because I have no doubt they liked Jordan, Ansah and Mingo(among others) that went in round 1. Carradine and Hunt could have been taken in round 2. With the "we need starters" attitude in the first 3 rounds, they didn't meet the criteria. Carradine likely due to injury and it is no secret that Hunt is a project. DaMontre Moore doesn't seem like a scheme fit and Lemonier was very similar to Andre Branch. To top it all off, they would have to beat out Babin. Safe to say that was unlikely to happen. The one that I don't understand was passing on Okafor in round 4. With the approach being to get effective rotational or role players, I thought for sure he was going to be the pick. Instead they picked Sanders in the 4th then shoelace in the fifth. Which means......

4) This won't be the same 'ol Jacksonville.

How would one describe Sanders and Robinson? Electrifying, or fast, is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Bradley said many times how he wanted to be FAST. Caldwell echoed this, also saying how when they evaluated the roster the lack of speed was noticeable. CSIII is the only guy that really stands out to me as being fast.Well, that should no longer be the case. In a power running game, such as the one we've been running for years, speed isn't as important. The drafting of Robinson and Sanders more than likely signals a change in offensive philosophy.I don't believe we are going to all of a sudden become Detroit but maybe now we won't be stuck in 1994.

5)On the surface, this appears to be a good draft.

In the grand scheme of everything, immediate draft grades are often inaccurate. They tell you NOTHING about what will happen and are often dripping with opinions instead of objective response. However, spirits seem to be high and our grades,found here , seem to be high for the most part. If you base our draft off of a combination of prospect grades, need and scheme fit, it looks as if things are heading in the right direction.

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