What It Means To Be A Jaguars Fan


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This past week has been pretty crazy for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans. The good news is most of the events were positive; very positive, in fact. There has been an overwhelming support for the new uniforms as well as the newest members of the Jags. Unfortunately, there has also been some negative talk surrounding the team, mainly stemming from Justin Blackmon's suspension, as well as ignorant speculation about a certain player being cut by the Jets and possibly joining the Jaguars (though we were told months ago that this wouldn't happen...even if he was released).

All of these events have opened the door for the typical criticism of the Jaguars, the most common of which are:

  • "They don't sell tickets"
  • If they would just give 15 a chance..."
  • "LA or London in a few years"
  • "There are Jaguars fans?"

If you are anywhere near a Jaguars related article, twitter post or video, you have likely seen many of the ignorant, annoying statements posted above. But more importantly, you've probably also seen several fans rise up and defend the team. Anyone on Twitter knows that you don't hash tag "#Jaguars" looking for trouble, or else you're gonna' get it.

This is why it is great to be a Jaguars fan.

Being a fan of a ‘popular' team is easy. If someone starts running smack about the Steelers, you just mention Super Bowl rings. If you're catching heat for supporting the Patriots or Broncos, just name-drop Brady or Manning. Feeling attacked as a Bears, Packers or Cowboys fan? Remind them of your team's long and detailed history. We as Jacksonville Jaguars fans don't have any of that. And you know what?

We don't need it.

That's right. The team without the rings, the QB, or the history has the best fans of them all. We don't try to hide in the shadows, or give into the criticism of our team and fan base. We speak up BOLDLY. We fight back PROUDLY. This is why it is so great being a Jaguars fan. We all know that one day we will have the rings and the glory, but for now we have each other. We refuse to let our team, fan base and city be slandered and bullied. We love them too much to allow it. So instead, we rise up together, and we STAND UNITED.

That is what being a Jaguars fan is all about.

NOTE: This is my first ever post on BCC. I hope you all enjoy it, and I hope to have more in the future. Also, credit to BurritoBrosShits for the outstanding video. GO JAGS!

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