Yet Another 2013 Mock Draft

I am updating my last mock draft with a few changes. Most of it is the same, but these changes I'm making can happen if we sign a tall WR for mostly in the red zone. The WR that I would consider signing for a red zone threat is former New York Giants WR Ramses Barden. He is young, but he is 6'6" tall, perfect for in the red zone and he would be cheap. The WR that we just signed is injury prone. He may be young, but if he gets injured, he may not make it through training camp, but Barden can and would add another element to the offense. We were able to put together some nice drives last year, but could not get enough TDs to win more than two games. Barde will provide a miss match for defenders in the end zone. This will also free up a seventh round pick to fill another position, or at least add depth to a potion that is currently thin.

So, here we go!

Trade: Jags trade down in the first round with the Arizona Cardinals. We trade our 2nd Overall Pick for their 1st rounder (7th Overall Pick), 2nd rounder (38th Overall Pick), and 3rd rounder (70th Overall Pick). With the 2nd Overall Pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Geno Smith: QB, West Virginia.

Round 1: 7th Overall Pick:

Dion Jordan: DE/LB/(LEO/JÄGER), Oregon

Height: 6'6". Weight: 248 Lbs. Fasted 40 Time: 4.54 Seconds.

Round 2: 33rd Overall Pick:

Darius Slay: CB, Mississippi State

Height: 6'0". Weight: 192 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.31 Seconds.

Round 2: 38th Overall Pick:

Ryan Swope: WR, Texas A&M

Height: 6'0". Weight: 205 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.28 Seconds.

Round 3: 65th Overall Pick:

Mike Glennon: QB, NC State

Height: 6'7". Weight: 225 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.94 Seconds.

Round 3: 70th Overall Pick:

Zavior Gooden: OLB, Missouri

Height: 6'2". Weight: 234 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.46 Seconds.

Round 4: 97th Overall Pick:

Travis Kelce: TE, Cincinnati

Height: 6'5". Weight: 255 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.68 Seconds.

Round 5: 130th Overall Pick:

Kwame Geathers: DT, Georgia

Height: 6'6". Weight: 342 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 5.40 Seconds.

Round 6: 163rd Overall Pick:

Micheal Buchanan: DE, Illinois

Height: 6'6". Weight: 255 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.71 Seconds.

Round 7: 195th Overall Pick:

Cody Davis: SS, Texas Tech

Height: 6'2". Weight: 204 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.41 Seconds.


Collin Klein: QB, Kansas State. Height: 6'5". Weight: 226 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.72 Seconds.

Luke Marguardt: OT, Acusa Pacific. Height: 6'9". Weight: 315 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 5.34 Seconds.

Roger Gaines: OT, Tennessee State. Height: 6'6". Weight: 334 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 5.19 Seconds. Best suited at RT.

Chris Barker: OG, Nevada. Height: 6'3". Weight: 305 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 5.21 Seconds.

Matt Brown: RB, Temple. Height: 5'5". Weight: 165 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.40 Seconds.

Latavious Murray: RB, UCF. Height: 6'3". Weight: 224 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.62 Seconds.

Braden Wilson: FB, Kansas State. Height: 6'4". Weight: 251 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.78 Seconds.

Terrell Sinkfield: WR, Northern Iowa. Height: 6'0. Weight: 199 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.36 (4.19) Seconds.

Tyrone Goard: WR, Eastern Kentucky. Height: 6'4" (6'7"). Weight: 205 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.46 Seconds.

Travis Long: OLB, Washington State. Height: 6'4". Weight: 243 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.76 Seconds.

Abry Jones: DT, Georgia. Height: 6'4". Weight: 313 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 5.06 Seconds.

Aaron Hester: CB, UCLA. Height: 6'2". Weight: 198 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.47 Seconds.

Keith McGill: CB, Utah. Height: 6'3". Weight: 202 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.49 Seconds.

Cooper Taylor: SS, Richmond. Height: 6'4". Weight: 229 Lbs. Fastest 40 Time: 4.57 Seconds.

Let me know what y'all think!

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