Questions about the Jags and the 2013 Draft

Hello BCC! I'm a member (against my better judgement) of Stampede Blue and have volunteered to represent the Jaguars in our 3 round community mock draft. I wanted Jacksonville because of its primo draft position at #2, but I must candidly admit that I know very little about the team, especially now that you have a new coaching staff, with a new scheme on offense and defense. I've done some research today, but I still have some questions:

1.) What is the offensive scheme going to be with the new coaching staff? West Coast? Run 'n Shoot? Something else entirely? My research only revealed that your new coach will likely install a zone blocking scheme, so could influence my second or third pick.

2.) What about the defensive scheme? Again, my research says that coach Bradley will install a "hybrid" 4-3 defense. The recent signing of Roy Miller takes care of a crucial need at NT in this scheme, someone who commands an interior double team, thus clearing the way for the inside linebacker(s) to disrupt the play in the backfield. So no tremendous need to draft a big DT in the first three rounds.

2b.) Speaking of inside linebackers...what are your thoughts about the inside linebackers on your roster? Considering how important the ILB position is to Bradley's scheme, I may want to consider grabbing someone like Alec Ogletree, Manti T'eo, or Kevin Minter in the second round if the position is a weakness for the Jags.

3.) What are your feelings about Blaine Gabbert?

4.) What are your feelings about drafting Geno Smith with the second overall pick to push/replace Gabbert?

Here are my thoughts: I actually like Gabbert as a prospect. He displayed some improvement last year over his rookie year, especially considering that he missed his first training camp because of the the 2011 lockout. I guess that I'm pretty "old-school" when I say that it takes time to develop a good QB. No QB in this draft class offers a clear upgrade to Gabbert, IMHO. And there certainly isn't a QB in this draft class worth the value of a #2 overall pick. So give Gabbert another year to prove he can make another leap forward, then evaluate from there.

So...go to the defense and draft someone like Dion Jordan, Bjoern Werner, or Dee Milliner, which seems to make more sense to me. Then draft someone like Tyler Bray or Mike Glennon in the second round, both are developmental types (not unlike Gabbert himself) with cannon arms who can make all the throws required in the NFL. Or just ditch QB altogether this time around, and possibly grab one of the better class of QBs due to come out in 2014.

Actually, if I had my druthers, I'd trade the pick to a team like Arizona for the #7 overall pick and their second round pick (and their third rounder?), just for the purposes of this draft. Alas, no trades in our mock.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! They will undoubtedly help shape my thinking going into the Stampede Blue community mock.

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