Possible Pride Inductees

After hearing about the unfortunate news of Jimmy Smith's recent arrest I got to thinking about the possible inductees into the Pride of the Jaguars for some reason.

Honestly, with Jimmy's past, I could never see him being inducted and now this recent incident has made my feelings stronger about the subject. I know it's true that what he's done on the field certainly warrants being there, but I just can't see it happening.

But with that I started to think about if an induction were to be coming anytime soon, who would the people who we could see with their names hanging in Everbank Field.

Mark Brunell - Quarterback 1995-2003 - The former Packers, Jaguars, Redskins, and Jets Quarterback, and now current Episcopal head Football coach, is the holder of most major Jaguars passing records including Career Passing Yards, Completions, Attempts, and Touchdowns. He was the leader of the high powered offense of the Late 90's that was responsible for making the Jaguars the only expansion franchise is NFL history to visit the playoffs in 3 of it's first 4 years of play. He finished his Jaguars career with a record of 63-54, 3 Pro Bowls, and 2 AFC championship appearances.

  • 2,184-3,616 (comp-att) 25,698 Yards Passing with 144 Touchdowns - 429 Rushes for 2219 Yards with 14 Touchdowns - 3 Pro Bowls ('96, '97, '99)

Keenan McCardell - Wide Receiver 1996-2001 - The 2nd receiver in an amazing duo between himself and Jimmy Smith in that spectacular late 90's offense. Considered to be maybe the first big Free Agent signing by the Jaguars(Obviously Jimmy Smith could be that and arguably he probably is, but I don't think people had any expectations of Smith as they did for Keenan), McCardell made his first Pro Bowl in after his first season in Jacksonville, with 1,129 yards and 3 touchdowns. He reached 1,000 yards receiving 4 times in his 6 years in Jacksonville, and never had less than 891 yards. All this considering he was only the #2 guy in the passing game. He ranks #2 in every major receiving category, including receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns, to none other than Jimmy Smith.

  • 499 Receptions, 6393 Yards Receiving with 30 touchdowns - 1 Pro Bowl (1996)

Tom Coughlin - Head Coach 1995-2002 - In all seriousness, I sincerely think if Wayne and Delores Weaver are in the Pride, then Mr. Coughlin deserves to be in as well. He was the team's first Head Coach and General Manager, he led the most successful expansion team in history, and won the NFL's Coach of the Year in 1996. In my honest opinion, you are crazy if you don't think he needs to be there (when the time is right of course).

  • 68–60 Coaching Record, 4-4 Playoff Record - 2 AFC Title Game Appearances - 1996 NFL Coach of the Year

Mike Hollis - Kicker 1995-2002 - I'm absolutely Serious.

  • 175-217 (FGM-FGA) - 239-242 (XPM-XPA) - 1 Pro Bowl (1997) - Led NFL in Points in 1997

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