Stand United: Beyond the 904

As rallying cries of "Stand united!" and "Even if he's released" bounce off the waters of the St. Johns River, I can't help but notice the number of fans standing with the team and fan base during this rebirth who do not live in the Jacksonville area. Perhaps they moved. Perhaps they never lived there. We are all being called to do our part as fans, but the people who live in Jacksonville boast a distinct advantage here: they live in Jacksonville.

I figure why does it have to stop there? I know I've been there, and I know a lot of you have. You're the only guy or girl sporting Jag Swag at your local watering hole and you're subject to the taunts and jeers of far less attractive fans of other teams. Or maybe you've forced someone to come along with you to an away game nearby.

Maybe it doesn't have to be this way. Hell, maybe there are enough lone wolf Jag fans around you to start a new BCB chapter. The Browns Backers have people all over the world. And they're the Browns. Why not us? You never know until you try. So here I present you this modest map which I've tediously created by clicking a few buttons.

Jaguars Fan Map

Simply click "Additions > Add Marker - Simple" and include your BCC username and location. No need to provide any extensive information. At most, we unite fans in different regions who can watch games together from the comfort of a Buffalo Wild Wings or the discomfort of an opposing team's stadium. At least, we make a visual statement showing support for the Jags around the country and globe.

At best, new friends are made and passions are shared. At worst, you get killed by some drifter searching for victims on sports blogs.

Sounds pretty win-win to me.

NOTE: If the inclusion of this map in anyway violates BCC and/or SB Nation policy, I apologize and welcome its hasty removal. Just thought this might be a cool idea.

EDIT: The embedded map doesn't seem to be working anyway. I've now inserted a direct link above. Unfortunately, I can't envision a scenario where I would ever give out the password ... evenifhesreleased

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