Jaguars + World History??????? UPDATED

This is the same post I made a while ago, but I am adding to it, considering that the draft is over and the OTAs are in progress.

You may be wondering what I mean in the title, and you will find out later in this post.

First off, do y'all remember the comment that I posted on "Dark Ages"? This post is related to that post. However, I'm going into detail as to what I meant in that comment. And, by the way, thanks to those two that "rec'd" that comment. I appreciate it.

Right now, you may be wondering how this relates to the Jaguars. Keep reading to find out.


OK. Picture it. Go way back in time. Before the American Civil War, before the American Revolution, before Christopher Columbus "Discovered" the "New World", before the Vikings landed in what is now part of Canada, before the Roman Empire was founded, and all the way back to before civilizations were founded in Mesopotamia. Think all the way back to the time before history, or Prehistory.

Picture it. What do you see? (Explain in comments if you like.)

This is what I consider the Jaguars before they officially became a team in 1995, since the team didn't play until 1995 even though the city was awarded the team in 1993. That means that the period between 1993 and 1995 is just like prehistory, since we know that the city got the team, but the are no "records" (i.e. Sacks, receptions, TD-INT Ratios, Completion %, etc) did not exist for the team.

Now, come closer to the present. Stop at the founding of Summer in Mesopotamia, or ca. 4,000-4,500 B.C., or ≈ 6,000-6,500 years ago. That would be the 1995 Jaguars. The team was young, so was the first civilization. There isn't really anything to say about 1995, except for that we did end up with the second best expansion team record (4-12), right behind our sister team, the Carolina Panthers, whose record in 1995 was 7-9.

Take another jump forward on our timeline. Now we are in the time of the Roman Republic, which was from 509 B.C. to 27 B.C. This is what I would compare the 1996 season. The Roman Republic got stronger and expanded during this time, and the Jaguars made an attempt to start an empire, which would put us in 27 B.C. during the 1996 AFC Championship Game.

In Jaguars' History, 1997-2002 would be equal to 27 B.C.-A.D. 476. In this period, we went to the playoffs 3 more times. 1997-1999 would be equal to the first half of the Roman Empire's history, and 2000-2002 would be the second half, when the empire was declining and divided into East and West.

2003 would have to be A.D. 476, when the Roman Empire finally collapsed after all of the attacks from the Germanic Tribes. The only thing special is that the Roman Empire fell in A.D 476 and the Jaguars fell into the "Dark Ages" in 2003.

2004 would be the time between A.D. 476 and A.D. 800. This would be a section of the Middle Ages called the Dark Ages.

2005-2007 would be the time of the "Holy Roman Empire, which was founded by Karl Der Grösse, aka Charlemagne. This is evident because the Holy Roman Empire was a little resurgence in the Middle Ages, and 2005-2007 was a little resurgence for the Jaguars.

2008-2012 would be like the rest of the Middle Ages, with 2012 being the Bubonic Plague, or the "Black Death. It could also be the destruction of the Knights Templar, which were the second group to land in what is now the United States in 1362. We know 1362 because a stone was found in Kensington, MN, which gives the stone its name, and the stone is double dated 1362.

We are now in 2013. The Renaissance has begun. The firing of Former GM Gene Smith assured us that changes are on their way, and then the hiring of Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley & Co were only the first steps in the rebuilding of the franchise. Then Caldwell did not resign some veterans, and signed others in Free Agency, but not many, because he wants to build the team "Through the Draft". Then came the draft. We drafted OT Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick, to end the turnstile that we have had at the RT position the past couple years. Then we added SS Jonathan Cyprien with the 33rd pick, adding an immediate starter to that position, plus he is also going to be an impact player. Third round pick Dwayne Gratz is almost guaranteed a starting role at CB, but there is competition. WR Ace Sanders, our fourth round pick, is possibly going to be the starting slot receiver, but also possibly sharing playing time with Jordan Shipley. Sanders also adds speed, or "Juice" to the offense, as well as fifth round RB/WR/QB Denard Robinson. Josh Evans, sixth round FS/SS adds depth and someone who can share playing time with Lowery and Cyprien. The seventh round CBs add more depth to the CB position, and as well as a few UDFAs making the roster. It's all part of the Jaguars Renaissance, just like the "Black Death" help to push people to change, to innovate, and the new logo and uniforms, and the new offensive and defensive schemes speak to that.

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