Way too early, and bold, roster predictions

1)Tobias Palmer will steal Ace Sanders role at some point during the season-

This belief started when I found myself continuously reading about Palmer impressing during OTAs. I went back and watched some tape on this guy and really liked what I saw. Especially against Tennessee, his most well known game. Then I checked out his pro day results vs Ace Sanders. Palmer, despite being larger, ran the faster 40, 20 yd shuttle, higher vertical, more bench reps, longer broad jump and an identical 3 cone. Now the underwear Olympics really aren't the end all be all. They simply give you an idea of overall athleticism, and boy does Palmer have it. Palmer isn't without his flaws. He was a UDFA for a reason. When watching him and Sanders both on tape I feel Palmer has far more potential. I believe Jerry Sullivan will get his hands on this youngster and turn him into a productive slot receiver, quick.

2) Josh Evans will see the field plenty this year. Whether its at safety or corner-

What?! At corner? I'll admit, I have heard zero reports on such a move being made thus far in OTAs. I don't know he'll be one of our starters but I could see him being worked in during Dime or Nickel packages. I also could see him getting some snaps at safety this year, too. Where does this bold prediction come from? His college tape, that's where. When researching him I discovered an article where Tony Kahn claimed Evans completion % against was.....35%.......ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I went back and watched plenty of Gator footage from this last year to see this guy. I really like what he has to offer. While not a burner, he does have top notch quickness. This was affirmed in his combine performances. The whole corner idea comes from his physical measurements plus his tape. He has good coverage skills and fits the Bradley mold. He is tall and has long arms. As a safety, his press technique will need work. With D-LO and Cyprien already at the safety spots I could see Bradley moving Evans around in an effort to get this talented youngster on the field. I'm expecting him to be there during dime and nickel looks or any 3 safety sets.

3) Barring injuries in training camp, Jeremy Mincey will no longer be a Jaguar-

This is admittedly my least bold prediction. Mincey's salary doesn't meet his production and he is a very poor scheme fit. That's about all it comes down to.

4)Our corners will struggle, mightily-

Watch some film on Dwayne Gratz, especially Louisville. I'm not saying he can't become a good player, just that he isn't right now. Expecting him to be good as a rookie starter? That's really pushing it. From reports on, it appears they are expecting him to win the starting position. Be ready, this could be a bumpy ride. Behind Gratz we have Alan Ball, Mike Harris, Marcus Trufant, Demetrius McCray,Jeremy Harris, Trey Wilson etc. Not exactly last years Seattle CBs, huh? Expecting them to be able to cover Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe etc is wishful thinking. I really hope someone surprises but lets be honest, this group isn't looking good.

5)The Dline will be vastly improved-

I love Roy Miller as the nose and Alualu as the 5 tech. I think we will have depth with whoever wins the battles in camp for the 3 tech and as depth. I think Babin will thrive as a Leo and so will branch. I blame a lot of the pass rush deficiencies on the scheme Mel Tucker and JDR ran. They didn't often give DEs space by lining them up wide 9. Maybe this one is me being delusional because I know just changing alignments and scheme doesn't seem like good enoug reason to expect a better pass rush. I just really see a 30-35 sack year for the Jags. Not top of the league but still a huge improvement from 20.

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