Just took a huge dump



Seriously, i weighed before and after. It was fifteen (never use numerals for a number ninety-nine and under((pro grammar tips))) pounds. a girl i knew in high school just had a baby, and i doubled her shit. I also didn't look like an unsightly cow in the process. (she had a baaaad pregnancy)

Anyways while i was making this sublime drop, I was thinking about the Jaguars, as i unfortunately have linked the jags and crap since 08. Although I still love them to death. Anyways I thought i would post the rookies both drafted and udfa that have me excited.

Luke Joeckel: Rd 1
Awesome talent, shut down pretty much the whole SEC and BIG12(which has ten teams, not to be confused with the BIG10, which has twelve teams). Most analysts top player overall. Should be a good signing that will anchor the Jaguars for the long haul, and with how most teams are doing dual pass rushers nowadays, considering we had Bradfield blocking J.J. Watt twice a year, a necessary addition. I wont lie, I was at first very upset with taking a right tackle with the number two pick, but it has grown on me more and more every day.

Jonathan Cyprien: Rd 2
Possibly mu favorite pick of the draft. As coach Bradly said, he is a man among boys. Cyprien was a beast at FIU. He looks to be a very long term starter at SS, and could be our best player on defense as a rookie. He is quicker than he looks, and hits like a truck.

Ace Sanders/Denard Robinson Rd4/5
When we drafted Sanders, I ran up to my best friend gave him a high five that may have cracked his third and fourth metacarpals, and told him i was excited to have such a playmaker that we have been needing on offense. When we drafted Denard Robinson in the fifth.... it is a good thing I am single right now, cause big willy was worn out for about five days straight. I have wante him since his first year at Michigan (I love Caldwell <3)

Josh Evans Rd 6
This might be the steal of the entire draft. We got who most "experts" had as a third round talent, in the sixth. He is a versatile safety, who should at least be our primary backup at free and strong safety (fuck prosinsky, am i allowed to say that?) . And he should challenge Lowery for starting free safety. Also if he does start, our defense will be much harder to read, because him and Cyprien could rotate positions in the secondary, where I feel Lowery is only capable as a free safety. Also, he led what many believed to be the best secondary, in tackles.

Rd 7
yay for Harris I guess? He is 6'2 or 6'3 depending on where you look, so i guess he fits the height scheme. I just don't really know enough about either of our 7th round picks to make an informed decision.

On th the UDFA's
Matt Scott: I can not explain how excited I am to have this kid, much less an an UDFA. Look up his combine results on, whats that, it says he was the top performer in every category? they cant really put a top performer for passing, but he was considered second best at it. I honestly don't know how he went undrafted, he had great stats, carried a horrible team on his back, is what teams are now looking for in a qb. He should make the roster and push for 2nd on the depth chart, I will not be surprised if final WB roster is Gabbert, Scott, Jordan. (although i am higher on gabbs than most)

Ryan Otten: I don;t personally agree with Eifert being the first TE overall. Look up a video of him. take your pick.... whatever video you want, I will wait. What's that? He jumped for a ball he could have aught standing, then laid down when he could have picked up yac? seriously any video... Jump catch... lie down... Otten is a good Receiving Tide End, he and Eifert were the only two tide ends in the top one-hundred in receptions and yards. Except, Otten tries to get yac, and can block. Color me impressed, glad to have him, sounds like a younger Marcedes Lewis

Lonnie Pryor: He is not a direct Greg jones replacement, although we are replacing FSU FB, with FSU FB. He is the opposite of Jones. Jones is a huge, strong FB who i wanted to watch beat the hell out of "Ochocinco" last december, but Ocho had to get dropped.... But Pryor is a more modern fullback, and a bit of a tweener between fullback and halfback. He is a good runner, and quick. He can make catches out of the backfield. HE IS NOT GREG JONES. Do not expect him to step in and be his exact replica.

TJ Barnes: TJ "The Fuckin Mammoth" (as me and my friends call him) Barnes is a huge signing, literally. But, Don't expect him to immediatle step in and become the next Big John, or Marcus Stroud. He is HUMONGOUS, and fairly quick for his size, but as "Mount Cody" showed us size is not everything.

Paul Hazel: I don't know much about Hazel, except that the Jags like him, and Caldwell and Bradley seem like some smart mofos. I don't think he'll start right away, but he could see some rotation if he sticks to the roster.

Abry Jones: Abry had a good first three years of college ball, playing in the toughetst conference. If he goes back to the growth he showed his first three years, he could be asolid player.

Cole Mckenzie: Havent watched any of his games, but i looked up his stats and.... what.... beast mode, could be another gem like an undrafted CS3

Laroy Reynolds: Goog linebacker in college, expect him to challenge for our will backer spot.

Steven Terrell: Him as a backup combo safety over prosinski any day...

Carson Tinker: 133/135 successful long snaps in college, also we have the sixth highest paid long snapper in the nfl. I do not think a team in our current position should be worrying about agreat long snapper. Also, I am a bit of a romantic, and Tinker's story makes me cry every time i hear it.

So that is my overview. And over one thousand words; I put more love into this than most college kids do into their Thesis

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