Possible First Round Picks For the 2014 NFL Draft

Here are some possible first round prospects that we can choose from in the 2014 NFL Draft:

Tahj Boyd: QB, Clemson. 6'1", 225 Lbs.

A.J. McCarron: Alabama. QB, 6'2", 212 Lbs.

Zach Mettenberger: QB, LSU. 6'5", 230 Lbs.

Silas Redd: RB, Southern California. 5'10", 200 Lbs.

Damien Williams: RB, Oklahoma. 6'0", 208 Lbs.

LaDarius Perkins: RB, Mississippi State. 5'10", 190 Lbs.

Jordan Mathews: WR, Vanderbilt. 6'3", 205 Lbs.

Cody Hoffman: WR, Brigham Young. 6'3", 215 Lbs.

Kevin Norwood WR, Alabama. 6'1", 195 Lbs.

Jacob Pederson: TE, Wisconsin. 6'4", 238 Lbs.

C.J. Fieldorowicz: TE, Iowa. 6'6", 265 Lbs.

Asa Watson: TE, NC State. 6'4", 235 Lbs.

Jake Mathews: OT, Texas A&M. 6'5", 305 Lbs.

Taylor Lewan: OT, Michigan. 6'7", 310 Lbs.

James Hurst: OT, North Carolina. 6'6", 310 Lbs.

Cyril Richardson: OG, Baylor. 6'5", 335 Lbs.

Zack Martin: OG, Notre Dame. 6'4", 305 Lbs.

Gabe Jackson: OG, Mississippi State. 6'4", 320 Lbs.

Bryan Stork: C, Florida State. 6'4", 312 Lbs.

Gabe Ikard: C, Oklahoma. 6'3", 290 Lbs.

Tyler Larsen: C, Utah State. 6'3", 312 Lbs.

Kareem Martin: DE, North Carolina. 6'5", 260 Lbs.

Jackson Jeffcoat: DE, Texas. 6'5", 245 Lbs.

Morgan Breslin: DE, Southern California. 6'2, 250 Lbs.

Daniel McCullers: DT, Tennessee. 6'6", 377 Lbs.

Deandre Coleman: DT, California. 6'5", 309 Lbs.

Calvin Barnett: DT, Oklahoma State. 6'2", 300 Lbs.

C.J. Mosley: OLB, Alabama. 6'2", 232 "Lbs.

Anthony Barr: OLB, UCLA. 6'4", 238 Lbs.

Kyle Van Noy: OLB, Brigham Young. 6'3", 235 Lbs.

Andrew Jackson: ILB, Western Kentucky. 6'1", 262 Lbs.

Max Bullough: ILB, Michigan State. 6'2", 252 Lbs.

Shayne Skov: ILB, Stanford. 6'3", 242 Lbs.

Aaron Calvin: CB, Oklahoma. 6'0", 182 Lbs.

Jason Verrett: CB, TCU. 5'10", 182 Lbs.

Bennett Jackson: CB, Notre Dame. 6'0", 185 Lbs.

Lamarcus Joyner: FS, Florida State. 5'8", 195 Lbs.

C.J. Barnett: FS, Ohio State. 6'0", 202 Lbs.

Nickoe Whitley: Mississippi State. 6'0", 205 Lbs.

Craig Loston: SS, LSU. 6'2", 205 Lbs.

Ty Zimmerman: SS, Kansas State. 6'1", 203 Lbs.

Brian Blechen: SS, Utah. 6'2", 218 Lbs.

NOTE: I'm not saying we will draft these players, especially SS, FS, OT, and WR in the first round.

Who would you like to have from this list?

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