Mullayo's way too early final 53 Depth Chart

Lots of gadget midgets and multiple position playmakers included. Lots of explosive Special Teams players in this bunch so that will be a greatly improved area. They've fixed the O-line, upgraded the attitude and speed of the team but this season is obviously a throw size and speed prospects at the problem positions and see who sticks then fix the rest next year. Several late draft picks and UDFAs are set to become starters so it's an exciting year ahead.

Notes on the UDFAs to follow. Some of these will slip to the practice squad if we pick up some more free agents and waivers.

FAs Resign:

O: C Brad Meester, WR Jordan Shipley

D: CB Antwaun Molden

FAs Sign

O: RB Justin Forsett, WR Mohamed Massaquoi

D: NT Roy Miller, 3T Sen'Derrick Marks, WLB Geno Hayes, CB/FS Alan Ball


1/2 OT Luke Joeckl 6ft 6in, 306lb, 5.25sec, 27 reps

2/33 SS Jonathan Cyprien 6ft, 217lb, 4.64 secs, 38 1/2 vert, 18reps

3/66 CB Dwayne Gratz 5ft11, 4.47sec, 39in

4/101 PR/WR Ace Sanders, 5ft7in, 4.58, 4-reps

5/135 WR/RB/KR Denard Robinson 5ft10 1/2, 200lb, 4.34 sec, 36 1/2 vert, 10ft 03in broad

6/ 166 FS Josh Evans 6ft 1in, 207lb, 4.60 sec, 36in vert

7/208 CB Jeremy Harris 6ft2in, 185lb, 4.4sec, 361/2in vert, 10ft 05in broad

7/211 CB Demetrius McCray 6ft1in, 4.47sec, 40 1/2in vert, 11ft broad

Projected Depth Chart (offense 25)

QB: B.Gabbert, M. Scott,

RB: M.Jones-Drew, J. Forsett, D.Robinson, T. Palmer

FB: M.Owens, L.Pryor, K. Reed,

WRF: J.Blackmon, M. Massaquoi

WRP: C. Shorts, J. Shipley, D.Robinson,

SLOT: A.Sanders, T. Palmer

TE: M.Lewis, R.Otten, K.Reed

LT: E.Monroe, C. Bradfield,

LG: W.Rackley, S. Milhim

C: B. Meester,

RG: U.Nwaneri, R.J. Dill

RT: L. Joeckl, J. Nady

Projected Depth Chart (Defense 25)

LEO: J. Babin, R.Davis

DT: T. Alualu, S. Marks, A. Jones

NT: R. Miller, T.J. Barnes

DE: A.Branch, J. Mincey, A.Lane,

WLB: G. Hayes, J. Stanford

ILB: P.Posluszny,

SLB: R. Allen, B.Marshall

CB: A. Ball, A. Molden,

CB:D. Gratz, J. Harris, D. McCray,

NICKEL: M.Harris, S. Terrell,

FS: D.Lowery, A. Ball, S. Terrell

SS: J. Cyprien, J. Evans, S. Terrell

Special Teams (3)

K: J. Scobee

P: B. Anger

LS: C.Tinker

KR D.Robinson/ T. Palmer

PR A.Sanders/T. Palmer


Jordan Rodgers Quarterback Vanderbilt 6'2 202

Bro-of, likened to Eli Manning as a developmental prospect

Matt Scott Quarterback Arizona 6'2 213

Tough, undersized, scrambling, option-style developmental prospect.

Cole McKenzie Wide receiver Southern Oregon 6'1 193

Tobias Palmer WR/KR/CB/RB NC State 5'10 178

Lightning gadget midget like Ace Sanders

Jamal Miles Wide receiver Arizona State 5'9 188

Lonnie Pryor Fullback Florida State 5'11 227

Taller Montell Owens replacement primarily Special Teams player

Kyler Reed FB/TE Nebraska 6'2 225

Explosive (4.47 sec, 41in vert, 10ft 7in broad) undersized FB/TE tweener and questionable blocker

Ryan Otten Tight end San Jose State 6'5 230

Soft-handed catcher only, red zone threat round 4-5 value

R.J. Dill Offensive tackle Rutgers 6'6 316

Heavy-legged, thick-framed blue collar transfer

Jeff Nady Offensive tackle Nevada 6'6 303

Prototypical sized with good arms 33 1/4, tough, gritty Nevada LT with RT profile

Roderick Tomlin Offensive tackle Murray State 6'5 312

Stephane Milhim Guard Massachusetts 6'4 314

Long-armed (34 5/8in), hard-wroking, Haitian OT that projects as guard and added 20lbs, athletic and ran 5.15 sec, 9ft 1in broad, 32-in vert,

Abry Jones Defensive tackle Georgia 6'3 313

Versatile long-armed (34in) soft bodied rotational back-up

T.J. Barnes Defensive tackle Georgia Tech 6'6 369r

Giant long-armed clogger rotational player fits our system at NT

Paul Hazel Defensive end Western Michigan 6'5 223

Quick stringbean MAC DE, will need to add weight played at 210lb

Maalik Bomar Linebacker Cincinnati 6'1 232

Jeremiah Green Linebacker Nevada 6'1 245

LaRoy Reynolds Linebacker Virginia 6'1 243

Size and speed prospect for OLB

Mike Zimmer MLB Illinois State 6'1 235

Prototypical size and speed 4-3 MLB

Trey Wilson Cornerback Vanderbilt 5'11 193

Slow 4.64 sec but playmaking CB that fits scheme needs

Marcus Burley Cornerback Delaware 5'10 185

Undersized athletic (4.35 sec, 32in vert, 10ft 02in broad)

Steven Terrell SS/FS/CB Texas A&M 5'10 197

Undersized super versatile and athletic (4.34 sec, 38 1/2 vert, 10ft 10in broad) special teamer

Carson Tinker Long snapper Alabama 6'0 233

2nd ranked Longsnapper. Cain is the 6th highest paid longsnapper in the league.

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