To Kill A Mockingbird

"People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for." - Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird.

January 10th, 2013 was the first official unveiling of the strongest known material on Earth, with a shimmer and a glisten, Diamond Dave Caldwell was born. As Jaguar fans we have long been known to jump at the first sign of hope and cling to it like we're about to fly out of a television airplane - but this felt different. We were doing what the other teams were doing, going out and getting our guy. Our guy. We had finally found our guy. Anxiously waiting for the first words David Caldwell would speak to us fans right after the ink on his contract had dried, we knew something had to be answered. And, of course, in under 14 minutes, it happened. In under 14 minutes, the word that drives most people nuts, and the word that also simultaneous gives others an out of body religious experience were spoken.

Who else but Tebow?

The Florida Gator alumni for life, the former Heisman winner and subsequently a first round draft pick. We know it all, we've seen it on the commercials. Thanks, Morgan and Morgan. Are you gonna sign Tebow? Are you gonna trade for Tebow? Please, answer! However, almost immediately, much to our surprise (in comparison to the former administration) Caldwell pulled his sword out of the stone and became King. "He is a member of the New York Jets... I can't imagine a scenario where he's a Jacksonville Jaguar. Even if he's released."

"Can you say that again?"

"Even if he's released."

These four words have been almost of a rally call among Jaguar fans to prove to the others that attempt to infiltrate the team fandom, to prove to the national media, and to prove to themselves that we, nor nobody else in the league, wants or needs Tim Tebow to be the quarterback of our franchise. With these four words, our general manager singlehandedly shut down all rumors to be attached to the team in the future -- or at least, that's what should've happened.

Here we are; May 9th, 2013, four months after the dreaded backhand. Where have we gotten? Nowhere. All we have created is a San Andreas fault between Jaguar fans, and Tebow fans even more so than before. They want Caldwell to take action, they are clamoring for a shot at their boy to return home, the Jaguars need him. The Jaguars would be lucky to have a class act in Tebow in their locker room. He's a winner, he's a Christian, he's what this town is waiting for. But what none of these people have told themselves is that you've already gotten your answer in the form of a bold, underlined, italicized no. What are you holding on to? Your wish will never be granted, no matter how hard you shut your eyes. Don't click your red slippers, he's not coming home.

These people have formed an almost unmentioned collective with the seemingly clueless national media, and are giving the team and the true fans a bad name in the public spotlight. This is purely a fan post, and if you don't agree with me, I apologize - but that doesn't change a thing. The die hard fans who cut themselves open to prove how teal their blood is are beginning to suffer because of the vocal minority striking outside of our homes, holding signs and shouting into megaphones for Tim Tebow, the boy wonder. I think it's a bit silly to still be talking about this, months after the decision was made (and subsequently reiterated) when absolutely nothing is going to come out of the 'Bring Him Home Civil War.' The situation at hand is similar to being sent onto the battlefield with a gun, and before you step foot onto the soil, you're told that your side already lost. I think it's time to let go, before the casualties tower above Everbank Field. It may not be Tebow's home, but it most certainly is ours; and we are too excited for the future to stare into the rearview.

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