Jaguars news roundup 6/21: #JDN; Ace Sanders 'Rookie 101' and more


Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.

Faithful Jacksonville Jaguars fans take to Twitter to defend the team against 'unfriendly' media |

When the national or even the local media take a shot at the Jaguars, fans no longer have to just sit and take it. There's a very vocal and growing group of fans on Twitter that know how to handle pundits when they get something wrong, or make negative speculation about the team they love. "The national perception is that Jacksonville is a dead city," said @MoviePaul. We're sticking with Twitter handles in this story to protect the anonymity of this group. He continued, saying he believes national perception is the Jags don't have a lot of fans. "Jacksonville does have a good fan base," he said. The latest topic from some national writers that had this group in an uproar: The Jaguars are going to move to London or L.A.

Rookie 101: Ace Sanders

Meet rookie wide receiver Ace Sanders in this edition of Rookie 101.

Jaguars 2013 Caravan: Tallahassee

The Jacksonville Jaguars continued the 2013 caravan schedule with a visit to the state capital Tuesday night, greeting hundreds of fans in the atrium at Governor’s Square Mall. Former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli, the first member of the Pride of the Jaguars, joined three former Florida State Seminoles: linebacker Geno Hayes, cornerback Mike Harris and rookie fullback Lonnie Pryor. But, in an appearance only four miles from Doak Campbell Stadium, a Michigan Wolverine stole the show. Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, the Jaguars fifth round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, made his first appearance of the caravan schedule, and both Jaguars and Wolverine supporters showed their excitement. Bold City Brigade member J.D. Groover drove to Tallahassee from Valdosta, Ga. for the event Tuesday evening. He attended the team’s caravan stop in Valdosta four days earlier, but said that he made the hour-and-a-half drive on Tuesday mainly to see Robinson. “I think Denard is going to be a spark plug for us,” Groover said. “He was a quarterback and he sucked it up to play another position. That’s the kind of guy you want on your team. I really like that.”

Desmond Bishop to choose from Chiefs, Giants, Vikings -

Desmond Bishop isn't ready to sign with the Minnesota Vikings or Kansas City Chiefs. The former Green Bay Packers linebacker revealed that he's also drawing interest from the New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars. "The Giants and Jacksonville are the next two that are interested," Bishop told SiriusXM NFL Radio Thursday. "Actually, the Niners called but of course, you know, they're kind of set over there. I appreciate their interest in me regardless. But the Giants, which is a real good situation, and Jacksonville as well."

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