Dead Zone Fun: Best "EVER" Jags at their respective positions

I'm sure I'm not alone by saying I'm sick & tired of reading through the same old crap on every NFL website. So I figured I'd change it up a little, & get the best out of you guys.. & gals. I'm trying to field the best player's that rocked the teal & gold at every position (off the top of my head). Let's get to it!


QB- Mark Brunell (No Comment)

FB- Greg Jones (No Comment although I did like Damon Shelton)

RB- Freddy T (No Comment)

WR1- Jimmy Smith (J-Smoove aka "Lightening") (No Comment)

WR2- Keenan McCardell aka "Thunder" (No Comment)

WR3- Willie Jackson (We never really had one that stood out from the bunch, hopefully Ace will prove otherwise)

TE- Kyle Brady (Based on his stat line & tenacious blocking)

LT- Tony Boselli (No Comment)

LG- Vince Manuwai (Ben Coleman also deserves some love here)

C- Brad Meester (Meester in his prime crushes the competition)

RG- Maurice Williams (Rich Tylski anyone?)

RT- Leon Searcy (No Comment)

OW- MOJO (He's been our best "Playmaker" at any position. We'll see what DenardX is all about)


LE- Reggie Hayward (Joel Smeenge was also good when called upon)

DT1- Marcus Stroud (No Comment although Clyde Simmons gets some love)

DT2- Gary Walker (I know I'll get ALOT of heat for this one considering Big John)

RE- Tony Brackens (No Comment)

OLB1- Daryl Smith (No Comment)

MLB- Mike Peterson (Poz & Hardy Nickerson are/were good, but not as good as Mike Pete in his prime)

OLB2- Kevin Hardy (Never lived up to his 2nd overall selection, but was a solid player)

CB1- Rashean Mathis (No Comment)

SS- Donovan Darius (No Comment)

FS- Deon Grant (Couldn't think of anyone else, Carnell Lake was considered, but I leaned on Grant's "smart" play)

CB2- Aaron Beasley (Derek Cox was initially better, but he couldn't stay on the field)


K- Mike Hollis (Josh Scobee had a few sloppy seasons in the beginning of his career)

P- Bryan Barker (Banger should replace Barker when it's ALL said & done)

KR- MOJO (If he stayed a STR, I believe he would've shattered records)

PR- Reggie Barlow (Although I expect Ace to replace Barlow)

LS- Joe Zelenka (Cool guy)

ST Ace- Montell Owens (No Comment)

**I'm sure I left off or forgot about a few player's, but what do you guys think for the most part? Feel free to cross out whatever you think I did wrong!

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