The Jags will win nine games this year.

The Jaguars will win nine games this season. Yes, that is a pretty bold claim for a team that won two games last season and has an army of unproved talent heading into this year but I stand by my claim. The Jags are in prime condition to surprise everyone this season.


Maurice Jones-Drew missed much of last season due to an injury and will be ready to make up for it coming into the 2013 season. He will play harder than ever because he wants to make up for time missed from last season. Jones-Drew has felt antagonized by the media due to the fact that he does not currently seem ready to play. This will fuel him to be even better than his usual self. Lastly, this is a contract year. Even if Maurice Jones-Drew does not resign with the Jaguars, this will probably be his last contract and he needs to improve his stock as much as he can. This combination of factors will create the best Maurice Jones-Drew we have seen to date.

Blaine Gabbert

Gabbert is an interesting story. There is much debate about whether or not he will even end up as the starter much less a star. Gabbert, though, has everything to work for this year. For the past two years Gabbert has let down the hopes of Jaguars fans. This year will be his last chance to prove himself, especially because of the strong draft class coming up in 2014. Until this year, the Jaguars brass have stood by Gabbert, claiming that he will be the starter from the beginning of the off-season. Gus Bradley has come to Jacksonville with a very different view; "do your job!" and earn your spot on the starting lineup. Because of this, Gabbert actually has to work and improve to keep his job as starting QB and he has a decent number of competitors (Henne, Kafka, etc.). Gabbert will improve, win the job, and be better than ever.


Gus Bradley is a defensive mastermind. All one needs to do is look at the Seahawk's D. Bradley will take our defense of almost completely new players and mold them into defensive superstars. He and David Caldwell drafted for speed in 2013 and this will be the factor that puts the defense back on the map. It may take a few games for the large number of rookies to get accustomed to NFL play but they will, and they will shine.


He’s not here! I really like him and I hope he does well, but he’s not meant to be a Jaguar.


On both sides of the ball, we now have fast players. Last season there was no speed on the team and lack of speed leads to a lack of big plays. Right now, think of a Jaguars big play from last season. … Nothing, right? Mike Mularkey often claimed that the Jags were just unlucky in many games last season and that many of our losses were an unlucky event from being wins. Big plays keep those unlucky games from being losses and make them wins. Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson will be huge for our offense and special teams. While on defense, we should no longer have CB’s and safeties getting burned on their routes. This year, we have speed and therefore will have wins.

Given all of these reasons I give you our schedule for 2013.

Kansas City

Jags win in a close one. Kansas City seems to be improving as well. Alex Smith will play well and given the amount of new players we have it will be close, but Jags will edge it out.

At Oakland

The Raiders have done nothing to make me think that they have improved from last season, and the Jaguars only just lost to them last season. Jaguars win in a pretty easy game.

At Seattle

Sorry, I wish I could say that it will go well, but it probably won’t. Seattle’s defense has had time to really solidify itself and Russel Wilson is great. It’s also AT Seattle. Jags lose, badly.


We will give them a run for their money but it probably won’t happen. Andrew Luck will lead them to victory and their addition of Ahmad Bradshaw won’t help. Jags lose, but a close game.

At St. Louis

I think we can beat the Rams. I really don’t know much about them but this will be one of those games where speed gives us the edge. Jags win in OT.

At Denver

Nope. Peyton Manning, Wes Welker and Demarious Thomas will pick apart our defense. They will pick apart almost every defense that they play. Look for them in the Super Bowl. Jags get blown out.

San Diego

Chargers really aren't that good and Manti Te’o will be a bust. Just look at him playing against Alabama. Jags win.

San Francisco

This game will be closer than most will expect, only because it is London. San Fran is still going to win, but it’ll be close.

At Tennessee

Tennessee isn't moving up. They are not going to be any better than last year and the Jags will on both sides of the ball. Jags win easily.


Did they ever find a QB? Doesn't matter really. Blackmon will be back and by now, re-accustomed to NFL play. Defense is clicking and playing well. Jags win.

At Houston

Houston is too good. We came close last year but it was a fluke. We won’t beat them.

At Cleveland

We can take the Browns. Again, they’re not one of those teams that seems to have improved much. Jags win relatively easily.


See above statement. Jags lose.


EJ Manuel will play well, but not well enough. Jags win.


See above statement. Jags win.

At Indy

By now the Jags will have peaked, and will play extremely well. But home field advantage will push it Indy’s way. Jags lose in OT.

9-7. I’ll take that, especially after last year. And hey, maybe, just maybe, 9-7 will be good enough for a wild card spot in the playoffs.

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