Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 Fantasy Football Projections

Well, it's that time of year again. I find myself frequenting other SBNation blogs to find the latest and greatest about upcoming Fantasy football sleepers, studs, and duds for the new season. The only problem is, most blogs don't have someone writing Fantasy football articles. It would be nice to have an inside take from a die-hard fan of each team, wouldn't it?

I'm going to do my best to provide that for anyone who may have found their way to Big Cat Country for Fantasy insight.

Here goes:

Maurice Jones-Drew - RB Draft in Round: 2

If you find yourself at the top of round 2 and MJD is still on the board, do not hesitate to grab him. He won't make it to round 3, and you will be getting a first round talent as a solid RB1 in MJD. Yes, he is coming off back to back foot and knee injuries which have been his only real injuries in his career, but don't fret. His foot troubles are behind him, and he is ready to roll coming into his prime 28-yr old season. You won't find many running backs on the market who will get as many touches as MJD, as he is an every down back who can do it all, and will be looked to often to lead this team to victory. All homer-ism aside, MJD is a home-run in the 2nd round.

Cecil Shorts III - WR Draft in Round: 5-6

Cecil Shorts came from a small school and exploded onto the scene in his 2nd NFL year last season, following up his Week 3 game winning 80 yard touchdown grab late in the 4th quarter with a 55 reception, 979 yard, 7 touchdown season. He finished as the 26th best fantasy receiver last season, was injured 2 games, and wasn't a starter the first 5 games. He is my absolute FAVORITE pick as a player who can be had in some re-draft leagues as late as the 8th ROUND. We're talking about a worst-case WR2 here who can be had easily in the 5th or 6th round, with a WR1 upside. In his 3rd year, Shorts III is poised for a breakout, regardless of who is throwing him the football. I would be shocked if he does not finish as a top 20 receiver.

Justin Blackmon - WR Draft in Round: 9-10

Blackmon has already done considerable damage to his fantasy stock by getting suspended for the first 4 games of the season. While he started to look like a formidable receiver at the end of last year, it's really hard to say at this point how valuable he will be to your team when he won't even start playing til Week 5. I'll pin him as a WR3-4 with only WR3 upside. He will not be a bigger threat than Shorts, and with many other offensive targets this season, I think he has a lot of work to do before he starts making a big impact on this team. His mind just isn't there yet. A safe play in Round 10, there are other receivers I would rather draft in Round 9 (even some rookies) who will start Week 1.

Marcedes Lewis - TE Draft in Round: 15

Last season, Marcedes was used primarily as a blocker as the Jaguars sported a turnstile for a right tackle all year. He is, however, arguably one of the most talented tight ends in the league. He has had a few notable drops, but he has also made some spectacular catches as well. I believe he will return to being used more in the passing game this season with new presence of tackle Luke Joeckel who has been as advertised in training camp thus far. The Jaguars may sport one of the best offensive lines in the NFL this season. With over 52 receptions last season while blocking, I expect that number to go up significantly. While I recommend drafting him as a back-up Tight end, he is probably the best bargain tight end you can find on the market, with a possible low TE1 upside.

Justin Forsett - RB Draft in Round: 15

Draft Justin Forsett late as a servicable handcuff to MJD if you drafted MJD early. Not much else can be said about him, he won't produce unless MJD goes down. And if that occurs, he may be pushed for carries by Denard Robinson, but I imagine he would get most of the workload.

Denard Robinson - RB Draft in Round: Free Agency/Never

I have seen Denard Robinson being drafted in late rounds, and as much as I love watching his highlight reels and the thoughts of him being a Jaguar, I have to disagree with drafting him. He may produce a passing touchdown or breakout run or catch a few screen passes in random games, but in no way do I ever see him being a stable fantasy producer. He may be a weapon on this team and may confuse defenses effectively, but, fantasy speaking, he will not be reliable. Ever. There will have to be some extreme changes in his play style or how the offense uses him. He will need to fill a role full-time, RB, WR, QB, whatever. I just cannot imagine the "slash" role to produce consistent fantasy points, and I would avoid him at all costs. And I really hope I am wrong about this one.

Blaine Gabbert - QB Draft in Round: 15/Free Agency

All Jaguars QBs are currently being undrafted in Redraft leagues, however, I would consider stashing away Blaine as a backup QB instead of using a 8-10th pick on one. With an improved o-line and a full season, Blaine Gabbert could actually post some decent QB numbers. He definitely has all the tools around him now to be successful, and he has pretty good QB ratings with a pocket around him as well. I have doubts that Blaine will do anything this year to show elite QB potential, and he may probably end up not being the QB of this franchise's future. But I do believe the Jaguars will have a strong offense this season, and we will constantly be behind in games because of our weak secondary and pass rush, which will lead to many passing attempts. The worst case scenario is that Blaine tanks and is the root cause of Jaguars losing football games, and then Henne comes in and continues the stink fest, which is what most NFL talking heads are banking on. I consider that a worst case scenario, and expect Blaine to put up good, but not elite, numbers this season.

Ace Sanders - WR Draft in Round: Free Agency

Keep an eye on him during preseason if you're in deep/PPR leagues. If he wins the slot job, which he should, he may consistently be getting 4-8 grabs a game, which would yield some decent PPR production as a WR4-5. Can be grabbed easily off the waiver wire if you're in a pinch for some productive WR depth.

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