9 Players that I Think Will Break Out This Year

Below is a list of nine players on our roster that I think will break out during the 2013 FL Season. Rookies ar in BOLD. Players that are UDFA Rookies are in BOLD and Italics.


1. Blaine Gabbert: QB, #11:

With a competent Coaching Staff and plenty of weapons and an improved Offensive Line, he should do much better than he has the last two seasons

2. Ace Sanders: WR, #18:

Sanders plays fast, and is shifty, more than enough to leave would-be tacklers in his dust. He'll primarily work out of the slot, which will help to stretch the field.

3, Denard Robinson: OW, #16:

Robinson is a weapon. It will bee difficult for defenses to adjust to stopping him. He some thngs that he needs to work on, including catchng passes, but when as a RB, he is patient, allowing for his blocks, something that most rookie RBs don't have.

4. Mike Brown: WR; #12:

Brown has shown a lot of progress in practice, and he looks just like what WR Coach Jerry Sullivan saw when he compared Brown to Wes Welker.

Defense: 4:

5. Tyson Alualu: 5-Tech DE, #93:

Alualu has been a major disappointment for the past three seasons. A nagging knee injury for his first two seasons and microfracture surgery on that same knee during the 2012 off season. Now that Gus Bradley has installed a new defensive scheme and Alualu moved form DT to 5-Tech DE, his position in college, where he should do much better.

6. Johnathan Cyprien: SS, #37:

In my opinion, Cyprien will be the next Troy Polamalu. He is supposed to be a big play maker for our defense, and an instant upgrade. Let's see if that is true.

7. Dwayne Gratz: CB, #27:

Gratz s supposed to replace Reshean Maths. Let's hope he does well this season.

8. LaRoy Reynolds, OLB, #56:

Reynolds will likely be more of a special teams player, but I think that should one of the starting OLBs get hurt, that he will take he opportunity to prove himself.

Special Teams: 1:

9: Tobias Palmer, WR/Return Specialist; #83

I know Palmer fumbled that Kick off (or punt, I can't remember which), but I think he will develop into a return specialist like Devin Hester, and eventually a consistent threat at WR, but I think he will become a threat in the return game first.

What do y'all think?

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