Jaguars news roundup 8/25

Brian Cleary

Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.

Jaguars fall to Eagles in third preseason game |
If the Jaguars play at a high tempo offensively, their defense is OK against the run and produces the occasional turnover, they will be entertaining to watch and might even squeak out a couple wins.But if they allow tight ends to run free downfield, are unable to protect their quarterback from big hits and are woeful on special teams, they’ll face weekly struggles.The Jaguars produced all of the above Saturday night in their 31-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at EverBank Field.

Jaguars turnaround can start with rookie GM Dave Caldwell -
By the time the Jacksonville Jaguars completed their third preseason game Saturday night, general manager Dave Caldwell's night would only be beginning. His scouts were up against an 11 p.m. ET deadline to file their reports on the other 31 teams in the league, and given the depleted roster the rookie GM inherited, there is much work to be done. Caldwell's scouts, both pro and college, have been on the road rating the talent around the rest of the league, and by Sunday the Jaguars will finalize their boards ranking players of every other franchise ahead of the roster reductions coming in the next week -- first to 75 players on Wednesday and then 53 next Saturday. It's a process being duplicated more or less everywhere, but its value is distinctly keen here, with the Jags in need of quality and depth at pretty much every spot on the roster.

Out of the Locker Room: Bradley finds positives against Eagles
Minutes afterward, Gus Bradley was thinking of the inevitable. And while the Jaguars’ first-year head coach said no doubt tough decisions will be made on Sunday when the team trims its roster to at least 75 players, his impression of the third preseason game Saturday night overall was positive. The Jaguars lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, 31-24, at EverBank Field, losing an eight-point fourth-quarter lead. But Bradley said the loss was not without its highlights.

Reason to feel good
This was what this team needed. And yes, we’re talking about the Jaguars’ 31-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the third game of the 2013 preseason at EverBank Field Saturday night. Because remember: this is the NFL, and this is preseason, so you have to break things down a little differently – actually, a whole lot differently – than you would a regular-season game. So, forget the final score. Forget, too, the fourth quarter. Forget how the depth struggled for the third consecutive preseason game and forget the lost lead.

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