Football season is officially here!

With the kick off of the Hall of Fame game yesterday we are now in full football mode for the upcoming season! We will be drafting our fantasy leagues soon and preparing to best all our opposition with our "superior" knowledge.

If you are interested in joining the 2013 BCC Fantasy League please contact T.Holmes via email at, or me at We currently have 2 leagues with a possible third being created. We will do as we did last year with the winner from the leagues doing a week 17 match up for BCC champ.

Space for the league is limited. If you have any questions please feel free to email or leave a comment below. T.Holmes or I will get back to you.

Player Projections for the Jaguars Top Fantasy Players:

Maurice Jones-Drew - Y! ADP Rank 24.1

Jones-Drew's stock has fallen the past two season due to injuries. He has looked the part of a first round pick in fantasy drafts during training camp so far. The question is whether or not his body will hold up this season. Going from a knee injury to a foot injury one has got to question his durability which gives him a high boom or bust potential. He easily has the ability to rush for 1200 yards and 10+ TD's.

With the addition of L. Joeckel improving our line and better receivers than we have had in the past while MJD was healthy this year it makes the addition of MJD to your team enticing. If he slips to you in the top of the second round don't hesitate to take him over RB's like McFadden, D. Murray and the likes. We just have to see how he does with out #leadblock33 this season.

Cecil Shorts lll - Y! ADP Rank 80

Cecil Shorts is a player that is poised to have a great season. He is being taken in the 7-8 rounds of most 12 team fantasy leagues and is being thought of as a WR2/WR3 option. He has looked sharp in camp much like MJD and will benefit from MJD being back as well as improved line play. He may see some double coverage at the start of this season with J.Blackmon being suspended but his knack for making plays will end up showing his worth as he will be one of the better options at WR come the 5th-8th rounds of most drafts. Look for him to eclipse 1000 yard mark this year with an estimated 6TD's for the season.

Justin Blackmon - Y! ADP Rank 127

Justin Blackmon flashed his potential as a receiver last year against the Texans putting up 200+ yards receiving. If his route running is improved from last year and shows he has the ability to pluck the football at it's high point as he did in college he may be a threat in the red zone as well. The only thing holding him back this year is a 4 game suspension and a groin surgery that is reported to hold him out for at least another week. He is looking to be in a reserve role this season on most fantasy teams but has the potential to be a WR3 if he can expand on some of the things he was doing last year. He may be a big help for a fantasy team with injuries come playoff time. His average draft area is around the 10th-11th rounds. I am expecting a similar year as last year with the potential to have more TD's caught.

Marcedes Lewis - Y! ADP Rank N/A

Lewis has had a roller coaster of a time since signing his new contract. Through all the legal troubles that distracted him through his 2011 season to being held back having to help block in 2012. Look for him to have an up year with the help of Joeckel not needing help in pass protection. Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch has been known to use his TE frequently in his offense.

Lewis will be available in most drafts until the later rounds and if he can show the catch and run ability as well as the big RZ target he has shown in the past he can easily be had for dirt cheap this upcoming fantasy season. If you are playing in the BCC league im sure he will be drafted much higher as we know his value and the value he potentially has not having to stay back in pass protection. I believe he will easily be a mid tier TE this coming season with a prediction of 600-800 yards receiving and around 8 TD's.

Justin Forsett - Y! ADP Rank N/A

He is sporting a Toe injury at the moment and is not a recommended pick up in most fantasy leagues. If you are playing in a deep league then he may be a solid pick up if MJD goes down as he will likely step in and take the starting position. However as it stands he is likely only going to get around 10 carries a game with a few of those possibly being taken from him by D. Robinson.

Blaine Gabbert - Y! ADP Rank N/A

He was the 33rd rated QB in the league last year and is not recommended to be a fantasy factor this year. He and Henne have gone back and fourth in practice showing flashes of both good and bad. There will be plays made by Blaine this year but don't look too much into it. Expect a slight increase in his numbers but let's be real the kid is not going out there this year and throwing for 275+ a game. He has had one 300 yard game to date and it was in a losing effort. He should have the blocking and receivers he needs but he will have to put it together and show what he can do before he is of value. Look for him on the waiver wire if he by chance gets hot this season.

D. Robinson - Y! ADP Rank N/A

Denard is not worth a draft pick this year. The team may throw some wrinkles in the offense for him this coming year but don't look for him to be much of a factor fantasy wise.Between him learning how to run routes and catch the football to him being behind MJD and Forsett on the depth chart at RB he will not average out many fantasy points this season.

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