Chiefs vs. Jaguars 2013: Looking at the advanced metrics

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

How did the Jaguars players grade out by the advanced numbers?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of many teams who have an analytics department now, so we'll take a look at some of the advanced metrics after games this season to see how players did. So let's take a look at Pro Football Focus and see how they graded out the players and if it meshed with what we saw on the field.

Who fared well:

Eugene Monroe: The Jaguars left tackle was one of only two offensive lineman with a positive grade in pass protection. With a grade of +2.1, Monroe gave up just a single quarterback pressure and hit on 52 pass block attempts. He had his hands full all day against the Chiefs pass rush, but comparatively he was their best player on the line, as he has been the past two seasons.

Alan Ball: The Jaguars free agent signing had the second highest grade on the defense, allowing four receptions on five targets, but for only 23 yards total. He was credited with allowing the touchdown pass to Donnie Avery and also with a pass deflection. Ball also picked up two defensive "stops" (solo tackle which results in offensive failure) and overall played well in the secondary.

Who fared poorly:

Blaine Gabbert: It's no shocker that Gabbert was the player on offense who graded out the worst on Sunday. He threw two interceptions, one of which resulted in a pick-6. Gabbert was woefully ineffective, even throwing shorter stuff, and ended the day with an overall grade of -4.4. He's out this week against the Oakland Raiders after suffering a laceration on his hand that required stitches.

Will Rackley: The Jaguars third-year left guard was the only offensive lineman to grade out rather poorly in both pass protection and run blocking. Rackley ended the game with an overall score of -2.4 against the Chiefs, giving up a sack and a hurry in 33 pass block attempts. Rackley re-injured his knee on Sunday, so his status for the Oakland Raiders is up in the air.

Interesting note: Jaguars rookie right tackle Luke Joeckel clearly struggled on Sunday, giving up four hurries and a sack, but ended up with the best overall grade for an offensive lineman with a -0.8. I haven't re-watched the game yet, but I'm expecting him to look better than I remember it live (but still not good). By comparison, Eric Fisher gave up three hurries and finished with a overall score of -1.0.

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