Breaking Down The Jags - Bryan Anger



Hello Big Cat Country brethren! Today I would like to share with you the first entry in a new series I hope to regularly publish going forward called 'Breaking Down The Jags'. In this series, I will be taking a closer look at a specific player's performance from the previous game. I hope you all enjoy it! Today, I begin the series by going back and looking at punter Bryan Anger's performance from the Chiefs game.

As we all know, the Jaguars performed very poorly against Kansas City. The defense was decent, the offense was horrendous, and the special teams...well, we didn't see too much from them, aside from punting. While Anger's performance Sunday did not completely cost the team, it did not really help them either. Anger finished the day with a team record 11 punts, for a total average of 50.5 yards per punt. However, his net total was only 41.4 yards per punt. This would seem to be an ongoing issue with Anger in that he is inconsistent, and will often out-kick the coverage with line drive punts, rather than going for more hang time. Let's take a look at some of the punts from Sunday to get a better idea.

On the second punt of the game, Anger out kicks the coverage on a bad punt, allowing a big return for the Chiefs. The punt itself only goes 41 yards, and then is returned for 36 yards, netting just 5 yards on the play. That is definitely not what you want when you are punting from deep within your own territory.

Anger redeems himself on the fourth punt of the game, until his own teammate messes up the play. Anger gets off a nice 58 yard punt that looks like it could bounce and roll for even more yards, but then linebacker Kyle Knox decides to field the punt for whatever reason. It's a shame, as the kick had nice hang time and distance to it.

On the tenth punt of the game, Anger really shows off his leg with a nice 53 harder with lots of hang time. The result is a fair catch by Dexter McCluster at the 15 yard line. This is a perfect example of what Anger is capable of, and what the Jaguars need him to do on a more consistent basis.

The last punt of the game, however, is a perfect example of why Anger can be so frustrating at times. Instead of angling the kick out of bounds, or adding hang time and subtracting distance, Anger boots one that bounces into the end zone for the touchback. If Anger could have gotten more air under the ball, it would have allowed the gunners more time to get under it and down it around the five. Granted, the coverage team may have been able to do a better job of getting under it, but if Anger gets a better trajectory, it's not a problem either way.

The bottom line is that Anger needs to be more consistent. He has all the leg power in the world; he just needs to work on his 'touch', so to speak. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of things that were bad on Sunday, and Anger was hardly the main reason for the loss. However, he needs to help put the team in a better situation when he's on the field. Right now he is too inconsistent to be considered 'reliable', especially for a guy drafted in the third round.

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