Jags finish 8-8: In My Head

Did anyone see the second preseason game for the Jags this year?

Of course you did! I mean you're Jags fans for Christ's sake!

Anybody, besides me, get encouraged by that game just a smidgen?

Ok, reality check!

Two games in and ALL hope is lost! Even our next game verses Seattle seems to be another massacre in the making. *Yawn*

I'll still watch. So will you.....Because you have hope. The reality is that we will indeed be obliterated in our next game, but the following week we play a more manageable Colts game in which the season could very well be on the line and I believe that with the return of BG the Jags will play a very competitive game. Maybe not high scoring, but competive nonetheless. We may have weapons like ML and MJD back to full strength the Colts game which would give us another viable weapon in the subpar passing game and a dangerous running threat who has always saved his best for the Colts! (lookout for Mincey inside too verses the Colts).

Without looking too far ahead, I do see the opportunity to get to a respectable 2-3 by the time we face off against Peyton Manning. We will face a Rams team who is still trying to piece it together themselves and we will have our most dangerous weapon back on the field ie. Justin Blackmon. This will open the offense up and allow for the offense to scheme verses a defense with all their offensive starters finally in place. With Blackmon and Shorts on the outside and Lewis, Sanders, Robinson, Brown, and Reisner on the inside the offense should be better and more cohesive.

Then we will play PM and he brings us back off of our high horse. We play Phillip Rivers and with the return of all our defensive starters, barring any further injuries, I think the defense will hold and hopefully force PR into the mistakes he so willingly makes. If we can squeak out a win there we will be 3-4 and before our London game, where San Fran, derails any momentum we had going into the bye week. But GB keeps the troops focused and after the bye we play two winnable games verses the Titans and the Cardinals. We could be facing off verses the Houston Texans with a record of 5-5. Not bad considering how the season started right?

So if we lose to the Texans we're 5-6 and we face the Browns, which is a game we could win, and then we turn around and play the Texans again. I smell am upset which would put us at 7-6, but facing 3 mediocre teams the last 3 games of the season screams for a letdown to and the Jags have been prone to letting me down(as well as you) so we lose two out of our last 3 and barely miss the playoffs. 8-8 we finish. Respectable! Then again I could be wrong and none of this could happen and we just go 0-16!

I just honestly just don't see that happening. The Jags are horrible now, but throughout the course of the season once all of the pieces come together we'll win some games. The offense needs a rhythm and the defense needs a playmaker(Hello Mr. Cyprien)! I believe in Dave and Gus' vision for the team and eventually they'll put the right people in the right places to produce more wins but they set a solid foundation so far. They have to keep this from being a lost season because they don't have as bad a team as we think. Just look at the Patriots offense without the weapons they're used to look at the weapons Peyton has and what he's doing with them. The jags don't have Allstars, but they have compiled talent and have cap room so the going will get tough but the tough wont last long. Could be better this season. It's only 2 games in...but then again I am an optimist! Lol

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