A Guarantee from Shad?

Yesterday I was listening to Colin Cowheard and he began to talk about the owner of the Hollywood Park race track in LA, and how the owner has apparently been contacted by the owners of two NFL about the possibility of that location as a site for an NFL team to relocate.

You can see where this is going, right?

So predictably he speculated that the Jaguars were one of those teams. "Here we go again..." I thought.

But Cowheard brought up something that I hadn't considered:

  • The Jaguars can break their lease by paying $300 million

Is this true? (can one of you confirm or deny that?)

I'm not saying I believe the Jaguars are going to move, but, honestly, that changes things a bit. Cowheard made the point that Khan could pay the $300 million and then easily make up that cost by an increase in the value of the franchise.

Again... not saying I believe it, but it makes some sense.

As much as I don't believe they would move, I have to admit that it bothers me. It brings me uncertainty.

I'm not Duval by birth like some of you. I grew up in Minnesota. I moved here and became a season ticket hold 4 years ago. I support the Jags and I like them more and more each year. I support them with my time, money and my heart.

But the constant talk of them moving makes sense because I can still see the picture as an outsider too.

I know Caldwell came out yesterday (I believe I saw this) and re-iterated that the Jags wouldn't be moving. I appreciate that.

But wouldn't it be nice to get some kind of guarantee from Shad Khan himself? More than the promise of the world's largest scoreboard?

What if he made a financial guarantee to each season ticket holder?

He could come out and promise to pay the season ticket holders $1,000 per seat if he relocates the team within x years of the promise.

I know that wouldn't prevent him from moving the team (the total amount paid out would not be enough to deter a move), but it would be an amazing gesture.

What do you all think? Am I the only one just a little bothered by any talk of moving??

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