Finding the Story from Seattle

If you go to Twitter and search #hopelessinseattle you will find a story. Those who already follow the mass that is the Bold City Brigade, or those who generally care about anything Jaguars have put the book down and are settling in for a good night's sleep. They will not be fooled by what appears as the obvious plot. Evidence details something beyond a score or game stats. Read the words. Look at the pictures. Do you see it?

A team, many call the worst of 2013 in spite of the season being but three weeks old, did what was expected. They lost. Badly. They were down 31-0 before there was anything to cheer about, ensuring the 17 points they scored would be qualified in a negative context.

But that is not the story.

There are many photographs on many social media sites which detail the enthusiasm of the Seattle Seahawks fan base as they observed another victory. The "hapless" Jaguars were a goat, chained to a concrete slab awaiting their destiny as a Sunday night meal, and all those garbed in green and blue cheered the feast.

But that is not the story.

Once again the Monday morning airwaves of Jacksonville will be filled with questions surrounding the aptitude of Gus Bradley, the passion of Maurice Jones-Drew and the need to give Tim Tebow a chance. If there is something to complain about it will be highlighted and over-analyzed for the sake of keeping those phone lines full.

But that is not the story.

I have a friend who is a graduate of the University of Florida. When at all possible he travels to away games to support his beloved Gators. He has a favorite picture from a trip to Columbia, SC that was taken of him with a Gamecocks fan. They are both smiling even though South Carolina was winning the game. For Lon the game is about enjoying the experience. Yes he wants the Gators to win, but as passionate as he is, more than anything he just wants to have a good time. He makes friends with the opposition as soon as possible.

There must be a back-story I do not know about that unites the fans of these two cities. Maybe it is the love some Jaguars fans have for Russell Wilson. Maybe it is the common desire to learn as much as possible about scouting and watching game tape that brings fans of different teams closer together. Maybe it is fans of two franchises, at opposite ends of the country, who know what it's like to be bad and hence share a common bond.

Quite frankly I do not care. What I do know is that a group of Jaguars fans flew from Jacksonville to Seattle to watch a game that had no potential to yield a road victory. They met up with Seahawks fans along with Jaguars fans from places such as New Mexico. They drank beer. They bought kilts. They hung a Bold City Brigade banner in a Seattle bar.

They earned respect.

Why is it that Steelers and Packers fans are so lauded? I admire the great Northwest and their fans. Oregon Ducks. Seattle Seahawks. Portland Timbers. Seattle Sounders. All of these groups have one thing in common: passion. Real sports fans respect other fans who have passion but who maintain character. Who stick with their teams at their lowest point. Who can walk up to a guy with a sign that reads "Ya picked a punter over Russell Wilson" because it will be a great picture.

This is the story.

It is approximately 2,981 miles from Jacksonville to Seattle. The cost to fly is a variable but it is not free. When you care enough to represent your team in these circumstances and you do it with class and passion you earn respect. When this season is over the Jaguars may end up being the worst team in the league. But as fans we have the option to lose with dignity or lose like whiners. When as opposing fan yells "your team sucks!" you can either respond with some weak retort or with a simple "yes we do" and move on.

My Jacksonville Jaguars are not a good team. You can shower them with as many negative adjectives as you like, and you will probably not find one that is not appropriate. But after you are done sit down with me and have a beer. This is not personal. This is about passion for my team and for the sport in general. If your team is good, I will tell you. I may not be happy your team is beating mine but let us enjoy the experience and community.

Many will wake up tomorrow and read the stories written about the Jaguars 45-17 loss to the Seahawks, where the focus will be the usual breakdown. Just know that there is a united fan base who beat that angle to press time.

UPDATE: Because some have asked, a link has been added to see the picture of the sign noted above. Posted by @BoldCityCap

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