The Henne vs. Gabbert Debate aka Falling Into A Pit of Spikes or A Pool Of Piranhas


Blaine Gabbert, YARDS PER ATTEMPT: 6.0

Chad Henne, YARDS PER ATTEMPT: 6.8

Yards per passing attempt aren't the end all of QB stats of course, but I would like to think the good ones are efficient with their passing attempts. For context: Manning had 8.0. Rodgers & Wilson 7.9. Brees 7.7 Brady 7.6.

Here Chad beats Gabbert, netting .8 more yards per passing attempt. There is downside to this, however:



How often do these guys turn the ball over through the air? Interception percentage help us out with that question.

For context: Brady & RG3 tied for the best last year with 1.3%. Rodgers 1.4% Manning 1.9%

Gabbert was right behind Manning last year with 2.2%

Henne, Sanchez and Cassel were some of the worst: Henne 3.6%, Sanchez 4.0% Cassel 4.3%

  • This stat is based off of line performances and other stuff but still worth noting: Gabbert was sacked 7.3% passing plays. Henne was sacked 8.3%.
  • Gabbert and Henne both converted 18% of their passing attempts in the redzone into touchdowns last year.
  • Henne has had a decently-sized leash in his career with 39 games started. Gabbert has had 25.

Here's a question I ask: If Henne is better than Gabbert, by how much is he really? He nets slightly more yards per attempt but turns the ball over at a higher rate. He's even with Gabbert in red zone efficiency.

I've seen some people say (which is irrelevant anyway) "it's the Jaguars' roster to blame why Henne isn't very good!" Well, he had the same abysmal interception percentage in Miami for 3 years. He has never thrown for more TDs than INTs in his career. His career yards per attempt (6.7) lines up with his 2012 (6.8). He's not the future. He has reached his ceiling. He's 28.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Gabbert fan. The Jaguars HAVE to take a QB next year...but there is absolutely no reason to play Henne at this point.

Blaine Gabbert is 24.

Alex Smith had similar stats at his age(which isn't an endorsement, mind you).

I'm not saying the switch is going to turn on for Gabbert or we should wait for him like the 9ers did for Alex smith and then trade him for a 2nd rounder but...

Play the dude. Or Stanzi. I don't care. But I've seen enough of Henne.

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